Speargun Reels

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Speargun Reels

What is a Speargun Reel?


A speargun reel is connected to the bottom for the barrel of the gun near the handle. It has a dyneema line spooled on it that can measure from 20m to 50m in length and this line is connected to the spear. The purpose of a speargun reel is to allow the fish that you have just shot to swim away and tire whilst you swim to the surface and catch your breath. Once you are ready, you can start to pull the line in.


Why do you need a speargun Reel?




The reason that you would have a reel on your gun would be to prevent any fatigue when you are hunting and shooting large pelagic fish. Let’s say you have just shot a large Trevally and it has decided to take a dive down to attempt it’s get away. Without a reel, you either need to fight it to stay afloat, let go of your gun or be pulled underwater. Option 3 is not suggested! If you were to have a reel on your gun, the Trevally can swim away and tire and where you are ready you can pull it to you rather than chasing it.


The reel is not designed to be used as a fishing reel, when collecting the fish in you pull the line in hand over hand and once you have enough, you then use the reel to spool up the line. The reels are made of plastic and not designed to be fighting a large fish, they are simply there to allow the fish to swim off and tire.


Pro's of a Reel

  • Less chasing the fish once shot
  • Easy to reel in
  • Prevents the fish from taking the gun out of your hand 



Can any speargun have a gun reel?


Majority of guns come without a reel; however, you can generally attach them to most of the guns on the market today. Many brands have their own reel that matches their brand guns yet some reels have attachments that are universal and fit many other brand guns. Here at Dive Warehouse we carry the Rob Allen reel, Cressi reel and Mares reel which fit our guns but the Rob Allen has an attachement plate that can be screwed to majorit of other brands. 




What line do you put on a speargun reel?


If you are purchasing a reel as an add on attachment, it will most likely come without any line on it. There are a few brands out there that sell reel line, the one that we carry is the Mares Diamond line. This is a dyneema line that is durable, strong and does not tangle easy which is the perfect material for line.






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