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Dive Warehouse is located on the sunny Gold Coast and sell everything diving in our spearfishing shop. We have a huge range of spearfishing gear, including speargun, diving wetsuits, hand spear fishing, masks, knives and many more to choose from. Spearfishing Australia waters can change from area to area and depending on what part of Australia that you are, will determine what gear suits you best. Here at Dive Warehouse we have speargun for sale in many different lengths from 55cm to 1.3m and wetsuits from 2mm to 5mm including thermals. Whether you are spearfishing Sydney waters that are chilly or Spearfishing Melboure waters that are super cold, we have the wetsuit to suit you. Gold Coast waters are much warmer so a 2mm is suitable, however when going south, the thicker the better. If you sre heading north up near the great barrier reef, a 2mm of thinner will be suitable. Wearing a thermal alone would be perfect. If you are new to spearfishing and dont know where to start, feel free to call our friendly staff or come on in to the store for a chat. All of our staff here are fully trained up to give you the best possible advise from gear sales to where the best spots are to dive along the coast line. There is some great shore dive spots if you dont have access to a boat and an unlimited amount of spots in you do have a boat. Hopefully you get some clear water, flat swell and schools of fish to choose from.  Spearfishing NSW you will need a fishing permit, however in QLD you are good to go without a permit. Whether you need a full set up as a new diver who needs everything or just need a snorkel keeper, we are here to help and can give you what you need. 


Our online spearfishing shop allows you full access to all of the major spearfishing brands that we stock here at Dive Warehouse, such as Rob Allen, Mares, Omer, Cressi, and Sal Vimar. Keeping a huge range of spearfishing equipment is something that we pride ourselves on and we have it all year round, you wont be disapointed when walking in to our store or browsing our website. We do not have competitive sales here so you can be assured that you will only be sold what you need or want and what your budget is will be taken seriously. Check out our spearfishing superstore today.



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Mares Attack Titan Bag
Market price: $179.00 save 15%
Mares Neoprene Mask Tamer
Market price: $13.99 save 14%
Mares Quattro Power Full Foot Fin
Market price: $179.00 save 15%
Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Computer
Market price: $499.00 save 14%
Mares Amara 2mm Glove
Market price: $49.99 save 14%
Mares Amara Camo Glove 2mm
Market price: $49.99 save 14%
Mares Attack 100 Bag
Market price: $99.99 save 15%
Mares Attack Fin Bag
Market price: $69.00 save 16%
Mares Bandit Speargun
Market price: $109.99 save 10%
Mares Camo Sock 3mm
Market price: $39.99 save 15%
Mares Cyrano 1.1 70cm Pneumatic Speargun
Market price: $379.00 save 14%
Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT Pneumatic Speargun
Market price: $559.00 save 15%

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Displaying Products 1-12 of 58
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