Spearfishing Starter Kit

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Spearfishing Starter Kit

Spearfishing Starter Pack – What to get when starting out


Hey guys,


Let’s talk about spearfishing and the equipment that you will need to get started. You’ve decided that catching your own dinner is the way to go yet you have no idea where to start, well today we will go through everything that you will need as essential items of spearfishing. Below is a bullet point list followed by an explanation for each item.


  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Speargun
  • Float with line
  • Knife
  • Wetsuit (Optional)


First of all is a mask and a specific spearfishing mask is low volume and black silicone. The black silicone is designed to tunnel your vision to give you a more focused view which is perfect when hunting as you do not want to be distracted when shooting your gun. The low volume style means that there is minimal air in the mask when diving so less air to equalize when diving depths.


The snorkel is a basic J valve style that is streamline and minimal. These are necessary when on the surface to be able to breath up before diving and to see your next catch whilst on the surface.


With regards to fins, the longer the better. The spearfishing fins are made of plastic generally and are quite hard and approx. 90cm in length. These give you loads of power to dive down as deep as possible in a short period of time. If these are out of your budget then a snorkel fin will do to get you started.


The spear gun is next on the list and of course is the most important part. These can start from $99 and go up in price. All of the rubber spear guns work the same way, it’s the quality that you are paying for when spending more. Features will change but the basis of a spear gun stays the same. The longer the gun, the further the range so if you are in shallow waters, a shorter gun is more suitable. Deeper waters hunting larger fish, a longer gun is the way to go.


Next is a float with rope and this is going to prevent you from losing your gun, so a must really! The float can be inflatable or solid and floats on the surface, connected to this is the rope that is generally 15m-30m and this connects to your gun via a shark clip at the bottom of the handle. If you accidently drop your gun, it is connected to the float so you will always be able to find it. Without the float and rope, if you drop your gun when a fish is on it, then its goneeeee and never to be see again.


Once you have caught your fish, you will need a knife to kill it. Unfortunately shooting a fish doesn’t kill it straight away and having a stressed-out fish making a lot of movement bleeding out is not a great thing to have in the water attracting larger predators. Taking the fish and quickly placing the knife in its brain will put in out of its misery and allow you to get on with hunting.  


Lastly is a wetsuit and this is optional yet recommended. Not only will the wetsuit keep you warm, it will prevent sunburn and scrapes. Spearfishing wetsuits also come with a loading pad on the chest which is a padded area to help you load your gun without bruising your sternum. Loading a gun on your chest is only necessary if you can’t not reach the rubbers when the butt of the gun of on your thigh.


Now that’s the basic equipment that you need when getting started, however there are many more accessories’ that you can add on when your ready. Gloves, hoods, socks, stringer, reel, extra rubbers, catch bags and more but today we are just talking the “getting started” gear. We have some pre-made spearfishing packs here on Dive Warehouse so feel free to have a look through our epic range and get spearfishing today! 


Happy hunting!







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