Spearfishing Knives

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Spearfishing Knives

What is a Spearfishing knife?


A spearfishing knife is a compact thin blade knife that is designed to kill a fish after it has been shot by a speargun. They are a slim line design so it is easy to push the blade in and take it out with ease so it is a quick and painless death for the fish. A spearfishing blade is generally less serrated than a dive knife with more of a smooth blade instead which is where it gets its ease of use from. They can differ in size and length; however, the more common size is approx. 20cm in total length.


Having a knife that is too large can be a pain as it gets in the way and creates drag when strapped to your leg or arm. With a more streamline knife, its is more comfortable to wear, use and hold. There is not reason that you would need an oversized knife as a small blade is more than enough to kill a fish of cut some line which is the only reason you would need a knife.


The Straps:


Not all knives come with leg or arm strap as some come with only a belt mount that is on the sheath, however majority of the spearfishing knives come with some type of strap to attach to your chosen body part. The straps are generally made from rubber yet there are some that are made with a Velcro which lasts longer and is more comfortable to wear.


Tha Blade:

The blades can vary in material including stainless steel and titanium. Titanium is the most expensive material yet is rust resistant when looked after where as the stainless steel will rust after time. If you look after your knife, wash it after every use then left it air dry before storing then the rust will take longer to form and your blade will last for longer.


The Sheath:




There are a couple of different types of sheaths that you can get which include plastic, webbing and a hard rubber. The sheath is the pocket that the knife sits in when its not in use and these can hold the knife in firmly via a clip or a rubber loop. Plastic is probably the most popular, however they are all designed to do the same job of keeping the knife in place so you can’t really go wrong.





The Brands:


Some of the brands that we keep in the knives include Mares, Cressi, Rob Allen, Ocean hunter and Sal Vimar. These are all large brands in the community and make top quality products.


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