Snorkeling Trip Essentials

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Snorkeling Trip Essentials

Snorkeling Trip Essentials


Hi everyone,

We hear that you’ve booked yourself a little trip away and are going to be snorkeling up a storm! This blog and checklist is here to help and make sure that you get every thing that you need for your snorkeling experience to be awesome. You don't want to get to your destination and realise that you have forgotten something, especially if you are heading somewhere remote where finding items is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Follow this simple list and you will have all you need.


  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Reef walkers
  • Rash shirt or stinger suit
  • Mesh bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-Fog
  • Spare parts kit



Choosing the right mask can be tricky as they all fit so differently within each brand and style. The best mask for you is the one that fits as no brand it better than the other. They are all made from 100% silicone with tempered glass lenses here at Dive Warehouse, we do not keep rubber or silitex as these perish quickly. Look after your mask and you will get many years out of it.



Get yourself a good quality snorkel, as this is a very important component of your trip. Having a purge valve on the snorkel is a great way to go as you can blow out any excess water easily from the small valve under the mouthpiece rather than having to blow it all the way out the top. A dry top snorkel will prevent water from entering the snorkel when you duck under the water so you may want to check out that style too.



Depending on where you are going and what type of waters you are getting into will determine which fin is more suitable. Calm and sheltered waters are perfect for a short blade fin where if you are heading somewhere perhaps where there is more of a current and choppiness then a longer blade would be more suitable.


Reef Walkers:

These are so handy to have when travelling as they will they give you grip and prevent cuts when walking in the water or on the beach.  They dry so quickly so you're not having to put wet shoes into your bag when you are heading home.  Many beaches have lots of coral and crushed up shells that can be very sharp and cause an infection if you were to be cut. The reef shoes will allow you to walk care free along the beaches allowing you to focus more on the beautiful views.


Rash Shirt or Stinger Suit:

These are both made from lycra and prevent you from getting sunburnt, however if you are heading somewhere tropical where those stingers love to live, these can save your life. Don’t get in the water without some type of protection from the stingers as it can really ruin your experience. A stinger suit is a full body suit that is extremely popular for tropical waters. A rash shirt will protect your top half and is a great idea to have whenever you are out in the sun around water.


Mesh Bag:

Getting yourself a cheap mesh bag will be the best thing you’ve done for this trip. It will keep all of your gear together safely and prevent you from loosing any of your gear. The mesh will also allow the gear to drain and dry out after you have used it.



This is an obvious one really, you can never be too sun smart so grab some 30+ and make sure to use it every time you head outside.


Anti Fog:

There is nothing worse than having a fogging mask! Everyone will agree with that so preventing it from happening means getting your self a small bottle of anti-fog. Its only $12 but will make you experience so much more enjoyable.  If you have a new mask, don’t forget to clean it first with a pre-cleaner.


Spare Parts:

If you are an avid snorkeler and go regularly or you are planning to really get into it,  then a spare parts kit is always a great idea. There is nothing worse than being somewhere in crystal blue clear waters 30m away from the boat and a fin strap or mask strap breaks so your day in the water is over. Urgh! Keeping a few small cheap extras will make your experience more enjoyable if the worst case was to happen with your gear. I will pop a spare parts kit that I recommend below:

  •  Mask strap
  •  Fin strap
  •  Snorkel keeper
  •  Mouthpiece

Well, I reckon that will do you for your snorkeling trip. Have a great time!




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