Shark Shield Freedom 7

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Shark Shield Freedom 7
  • Freedom 7
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Shark Shield Freedom 7 Product Description 




The Shark Shield Freedom 7 has been specifically designed for spearfishing and scuba diving. It is a solution that delivers peace of mind when in the ocean and feel unsure. No matter which water sport you are doing, the Shark Shield will keep you protected. It is a unique shark deterrent that includes a 2.2 meter mesh antenna that gives off an electronic pulse which affects sharks senses. All sharks, and only sharks, have a jelly filled electrorcepotor in the end of their nose called the Ampullae of Lorenzini. This sensor is what they use to find prey. The Shark Shield Freedom 7 sends out the electric magnetic waves which overload this special sensor and makes it extremely uncomfortable for the shark. It causes muscle spasms resulting in the shark fleeing the area.


For a shark shield to work, it needs to be turned on the entire time that you are in the water, you can not expect it to work if it is turned off. Due to it being so light weight and stream line, you won't even know that you are wearing it, yet you can feel super comfortable in the water. Created in South Africa, it was firstly designed for spearos that tend to have dead fish in the water with them, therefore attracting sharks. Now keep in mind that sharks DO NOT eat people, they are just interested in what we are doing and sometimes we happen to get in the way. The Shark Shield will keep them at a short radius around you so one single shark shield can not be used for multiple people. They do not attract sharks which is a common question, the electrical field generated by the shark shield does not give off the same replication of a fish or seal and hence is not recognized by sharks.


Product Features


  • 50 m operating depth
  • 5-6 hours operating time
  • LED battery light indicator
  • 1000 battery charges
  • Perfect for snorkeling, diving or spearfishing
  • Will not harm sharks
  • Velcro closure
  • To be worn on your leg
  • Lithium rechargeable battery



  • Black




  • Antenna Length 2.2m
  • Battery Pack Size 8cm x 14cm x 3.5cm


Care Instructions


  • Wash throughly after every use in fresh water
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Lift out of water to close or turn off or underwater fold the electrode baton against your wetsuit to close
  • Store away in a safe place







Does it work?


 - Absolutely. There are many scientific studies out there that prove that the Shark Shield techonology works. All sharks have an electrical receptor in their nose which spasm when near an elecrical field so when the freedom 7 is on and close to the shark, it will turn the shark away with an uncomfortable feeling.


Does it hurt other fish species?


 - No. The Shark shield technology only works on sharks as they are the only animal that have a jelly filled electrorcepotor in the end of their nose called the Ampullae of Lorenzini. 


Will it attract Sharks?


 - No. There is no scientific research that shows this.


Will it shock me?


 - If you were to touch the tail whilst it is on in the water it will give a little shock but nothing too much that would turn your off.


What is the warranty?


 - The Shark Shield Freedom 7 warranty is 1 year from date of purchase. If there is a warranty issue, it will need to be sent back and assessed by Shark shield.






Download and read the instruction manual here for the Shark Shield Freedom 7


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