Shark Shield Freedom 7

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Shark Shield Freedom 7


The Shark Shield Freedom 7 has been specifically designed for spearfishing and scuba diving. It is a solution that delivers piece of mind when in the ocean and feel unsure. No matter which water sports you are doing, the Shark Shield will keep you protected. It is unique shark deterrent that includes a 2.2 meter mesh antenna that gives off a electronic pulse which affects sharks senses. All sharks, and only sharks, have a jelly filled electrorcepotor in the end of their nose called the Ampullae of Lorenzini. This sensor is what they use to find prey. The Shark Shield Freedom 7 sends out the electric wave forms hat overload this special sensor which makes it extremely uncomfortable for the shark. It causes muscle spasms resulting in the shark fleeing the area.


For a shark shield to work, it needs to be turned on the entire time that you are in the water, you can not expect it to work if it is turned off. Due to it being so light weight and stream line, you wont even know that you are wearing it, yet you can feel super comfortable in the water. Created in South Africa, it was firstly designed for spearos that tend to have dead fish in the water with them, there fore attracting sharks. Now keep in mind that sharks DO NOT eat people, they are just interested in what we re doing and sometimes we happen to get in the way. The Shark Shield will keep them at a short radius around you so one single shark shield can not be used for multiple people. That do not attract sharks which is a common question, the electrical field generated by the shark shield does not give off the same replication of a fish or seal and hence is not recognized by sharks.


Shark Shield Freedom 7 units are in short supply so contact us here at Dive Warehouse for availability and costing.

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