Safety Gear For Divers

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Safety Gear For Divers

Safety Gear for Scuba Divers



Scuba Diving is an amazing experience as the underwater world has so much to see and explore. Making sure you have a fun yet safe experience is important and knowing how to stay safe is a must. Today we are going to chat about scuba safety and the products that you should always have when heading under.


  • Safety sausage
  • Whistle
  • Knife
  • Tank rattle/Banger
  • Compass
  • Dive Flag


A safety sausage or signal tube is an item that by law you must have when diving. It is a bright orange or yellow tube that when inflated, stands up 1.5-2m in height. Used in an emergency situation where you need to be seen from a far. They generally have reflector tape on them to be seen at night with a light.


A whistle is another item that you want to have as this is also another way of attracting attention when on the surface of the water. They are very small and can be easily kept in your BCD pocket or on a clip.


Having a knife on you is something that most divers will have and they are 95% of the time used to cut rope or fishing line. Whether it be that you are cleaning up the ocean and collecting old fishing line or you are cutting it off yourself, your buddy or even a marine mammal. The “I need a knife because of sharks” comment is not what a knife is for…sharks don’t like scuba divers anyways because of our bubbles. Use the knife is a safe way and help clean up our ocean!


A tank rattle or tank banger as some divers call them are a way of attracting attention to yourself when underwater. They can be shaken or hit against your tank to make a noise that will make others look.


An underwater compass works the same way as one on land, it will prevent you from getting lost and help you find your way back (as long as you know how to use one of course). Use a marker point when you head down the mooring line and go from there.


Last but not least is a dive flag. These are white and blue in Australia and the international one is red and white and both can be used in Australia. When heading underwater, you need to let everyone above the water that you are below them so boats or jetski’s don’t come over you as that can end in a very dangerous situation if not fatal. They can be placed on a float of hung off a vessel.


These above items are the basic safety products that all divers should have in their kit as they can all help prevent life threating moments. Being prepared is so incredible and knowing how to use each item could save your life. 


Stay safe!


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