Prescription Masks

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Prescription Masks

Prescription Masks


Hi everyone,


Prescription masks are something we get asked a lot about from divers and snorkellers on a regular basis. If you wear glasses on land then your going to need glasses underwater. Although water magnifies things slightly, most of the time its not enough and when you are having these amazing experiences, you ideally want to see everything right?


Here at Dive Warehouse we understand this and are here to help. We have a couple of brands and mask styles for you to choose from and depending on the fit and what prescription you are, will determine which one is the best suited to you.


Before we even get started with which mask or brand you should go for is the most important question of all which is “What’s your prescription?” The answer to this will determine if we can help you or not. All of the lenses that we supply are a relatively basic prescription so if you are a tri-focal or multi-focal we are not able to cater for this. Now if you are a standard negative or positive prescription then we are your go to guys! We will need to have your prescription from your optometrist to sell you the mask with lenses so make sure you are prepared before you head on in to the store.


Mares, Tusa, Cressi and Hollis are the brands that we have that can have prescription lenses put in to with certain masks in their range. Now not all masks can be fitted so only some styles are available that cater to having lenses fitted. Instore we carry the Tusa Freedom Ceos and Tusa Liberator lenses that can be collected straight away where the other brands and styles need to be ordered in.


Don’t get put off because of the fact that you wear glasses, get a prescription mask and join the fun today!


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