PowerDive Hookah Unit

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PowerDive Hookah Unit

PowerDive Hookah Unit Product Description


The PowerDive Hookah Unit is a unique way to go diving or snorkeling without having to lug around those heavy tanks. If you love to snorkel then you will love the power snorkel unit. This free floating compressor carry's a 35 a/h battery that will last more than an hour for you, your family and friends to use without having to carry tanks. The Power Snorkel dive unit, pump and motor are all housed in floating unit that you can pull along behind you. This can be used by a single diver with a extended 12m hose or shared by two 6m hoses. Here is a "how it works" diagram to give you a better idea of what you are looking at.



As you can see there is a 1m hose connected to the unit itself and then to a tank or a float in other words. This will prevent the hose from being pulled from the direct source. Attached to the float is a 6m hose that splits off to a "Y" shaped divider to attach the 2 x 6m hoses. Even though the Power Snorkel unit advertises that 2 divers can go to 6 meters, they can actually go a little deeper due to the hose which splits off.

This unit comes with

  • 2 x harnesses
  • 2 x regulators
  • Float
  • Flag
  • Battery
  • Gear Bag


It is a fantastic item to have if you have a boat and find it hard to get tanks re-filled because this never needs to be re-filled. Grab an extra battery and when the first runs out, pop on the new on and off you go again. The battery's can be recharged which makes life easier than going to fill a tank. The unit is popular with boat owners for cleaning under their boat as this saves time and money and also for divers who have a few in the family that wish to dive. Purchasing more than 2 dive sets can cost more than this PowerDive hookah unit so in the long run, it is more affordable to have.


Please note that here at Dive Warehouse we will not take Credit Card over the internet for this particular item. If you wish to purchase the PowerSnorkel Hookah Unit, please contact us on 07 55316511 and we will have you direct deposit the money in to our nominated bank account. RRP $3495.

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