Oceanic Shadow and Manta Ray Pack

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Oceanic Shadow and Manta Ray Pack
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The Oceanic Shadow and Manta Ray Pack is an ideal set to grab when looking for top quality Oceanic software. It included the Oceanic Shadow mask, Ultra SD snorkel, Manta Ray fins and Mission Boots.


The Oceanic Shadow Mask skirt is made from 100% liquid silicone which attaches directly to the tempered glass lens. There is no mask frame which means the Shadow mask offers an incredible field of vision and prevents any pressure on your face due to there being no hard plastic. Exactly the same as the Oceanic Ice mask but in black silicone. It packs up completely flat as buckles are flexible which makes this mask ideal as a back-up mask as well as it folds nicely into a scuba diving BCD pocket. The Shadow mask is extremely low in volume, and being low volume means that there is less air inside the mask when being worn. When heading underwater you need to equalize and this means you need to equalize the air inside your mask to prevent for mask squeeze so having less air in your mask is a plus. With easy adjusting buckles you can quickly adjust the strap to suit. The Shadow is perfect for snorkelling and diving and available in 2 sizes for a perfect fit. The Shadow mask is a standard size, where the Shadow Mini Mask is a small fit for thinner faces.


How to look after your mask:  All of our masks here at Dive Warehouse are made from 100% silicone with tempered glass. When a mask is made, it gets a thin layer of silicone on the inside of the glass. This is what causes it to fog. Anti-fog will not work until it has been pre-cleaned, as to work it needs to reach the glass and with the silicone layer covering this, it can’t work. To remove this layer of silicone, you will need to purchase a pre-cleaner. These products have a slight abrasive in it and will scrub off that silicone layer. A blob of paste on to each lens on the inside only, give it a good scrub and rinse off with fresh water. Repeat this process 3 times to ensure you have scrubbed off all of the silicone layer, then you can anti-fog. The glass will not get scratched as it is tempered. You can purchase a good quality anti-fog here at Dive Warehouse, or you can spit or lick the inside of the lens as spit is a natural anti-fog! After you have cleaned your mask and are no longer fogging, you will need to wash your gear after every use to prevent it from perishing. The best way to clean you mask and snorkel is to put them in a tub of fresh warm water and give them a good rinse. this will take off all of the salt and sand that you get from the ocean. Store them away in a dark dry place to prevent the silicone from turning an off colour. The sun will do this if you store them in direct sunlight.


The Oceanic Ultra SD Snorkel is a semi dry snorkel that is great for diving or snorkelling. It is made from 100% silicone which makes is super comfortable to use especially if it is in your mouth of an hour when snorkelling. It has a semi dry top that is designed to prevent water from entering the snorkel when waves come and splash over you. The purge valve under the mouthpiece allows you to blow out any water that does get in the snorkel with one quick easy breath. The corrugated tube allows the snorkel to sit out of the way when using a diving regulator, yet is flexible enough to sit in your mouth comfortably when snorkelling. A snorkel is a mandatory piece of equipment when diving and of course definitely helps when snorkelling so getting a good quality one is the way to go. It attaches to any brand of style mask via the snorkel holder that can be adjusted in height to suits your face size.


The Oceanic Manta Ray Dive Fins are the newest addition the Oceanic software range. These extremely cool looking and light weight fins are a hard hit the market with their great features and colours. This very powerful fin works with a slight curve in the upwards direction so every kick down when swimming is where you get the most power from and the manta ray fins will catch and hold more water by using the curved edges to maximize the thrust. This is a unique feature that will really change your ease of diving in any type of current. The large rubber "X" that sits between the blade and the foot pocket is where the power is transferred to and from the leg.


The Oceanic Manta Ray fins have super comfortable wide fitting rubber foot pockets and come with a stainless-steel bungee strap with a rubber coating. This means that you will no longer have to worry about adjusting you fin straps as the bungee will keep you in place and give the best fit every time. The soft pad heel strap gives not only comfort but allows for an easy on and off by using the oversized pull handle.  Another great feature which is new to the market is the bungee strap can in fact be adjusted if needed to get a tighter or looser fit, however this is only done when you have the fin off, you cannot make any adjustments when the fin is on and being used. Bungee straps have been around of a while now but none have adjustment, that's why this fin is super cool. If you are in the market for a new set of dive fins, check these out! Perfect for both men and women.


They are an open heel designed fin so need to be worn with a 5mm dive boot and can be used for scuba or snorkelling. They come in a great choice of colours for the guys and the ladies. 


The Ocean Pro Mission 5.0 Dive Boots are 5mm in thickness so they can be worn all year round, even in the height of winter and will still keep you warm. They are classed as a hard sole which means that you can walk over rocks without feeling the sharpness underneath you. This is great for those divers who dive from land and have to hop over rocks to get to their desired dive spot. Even though these are much harder than the average dive boot, they still have just as much grip which is also very important as those rocks can definitely be slimy and slippery. The Mission 5.0 boots have an angled heel design which contours your foot and leg to give you maximum comfort and movement. With heavy duty YKK zippers means that they are going to last the test of time, with a little TLC of course. Available in sizes 5US - 12US.


Sizing: The general size of this boot is in men’s sizing, so females need to take roughly two sizes smaller.


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