Oceanic Ice and Viper Fin Package

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Oceanic Ice and Viper Fin Package
Oceanic Ice Mask Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel Oceanic Viper Fin Ocean Pro 5mm Boot
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Oceanic Ice and Viper Fin Package


The Oceanic Ice and Viper Fin Package is a great entry level package due to the fantastic price. It contains the Oceanic Ice mask, Ultra Dry snorkel, Viper Fins and O'pro 5mm boot.


The Oceanic Ice Mask's skirt is made from 100% liquid silicone which attached directly to the tempered glass lens. There is no mask frame which means the Ice mask  offers an incredible field of vision. It packs up completely flat as buckles are flexible which makes this mask ideal as a back-up mask as well as it folds nicely into a scuba diving BCD pocket. The Ice mask is extremely low in volume. Being low volume means that there is less air inside the mask when being worn. When heading underwater, you need to equalize, this means you need to equalize the air inside your mask to prevent for mask squeeze, having less air in your mask is a plus.  With easy adjusting buckles you can quickly adjust the strap to suit. The Ice mask is a standard size, however you can purchase a Ice Mini mask which is a smaller fit for thinner faces.


How to look after your mask:  All of our masks here at Dive Warehouse are made from 100% silicone with tempered glass. When a mask is made, it gets a thin layer of silicone on the inside of the glass. This is what causes it to fog. Anti-fog's will not work until it has been pre-cleaned, as to work it needs to reach the glass and with the silicone layer covering this, it cant work. To remove this layer of silicone, you will need to purchase a pre-cleaner or you can use toothpaste. These products have a slight abrasive in it and will scrub off that silicone layer. A blob of paste on to each lenses on the inside only, give it a good scrub and rinse off with fresh water. Repeat this process 3 times to ensure you have scrubbed off all of the silicone layer, then you can anti-fog. The glass will not get scratched as it is tempered. You can purchase a good quality anti-fog here at Dive Warehouse, or you can spit or lick the inside of the lens as spit is a natural anti-fog! After you have cleaned your mask and are no longer fogging, you will need to wash your gear after every use to prevent it from perishing. The best way to clean you mask and snorkel is to put them in a tub of fresh warm water and give them a good rinse. this will take off all of the salt and sand that you get from the ocean. Store them away in a dark dry place to prevent the silicone from turning an off color. The sun will do this if you store them in direct sunlight.


The name Oceanic Ultra-Dry Snorkel says it all. Designed to be exactly what its name suggests, the Ultra dry snorkel incorporates Oceanic's patented dry snorkel technology into an ultra-low profile product that is ergonomically designed for comfort and function. This technology creates a seal to eliminate water entering the snorkel barrel, while achieving superior air flow performance on the surface. The oversized purge valve allows for easy clearing, made from 100% liquid silicone, both the purge and the mouthpiece can be replaced if needed. The Ultra Dry comes with a quick-release swiveling snorkel keeper that attaches to your mask and is designed to swivel to prevent any jaw fatigue of neck pain. When scuba diving, a snorkel is a must as well as when you are snorkeling. Without a good quality snorkel, your water experience could potentially be ruined so by purchasing this particular snorkel, you are guaranteed a great time.


The Oceanic Viper scuba diving fins are a great price for an open heeled fin. Designed to be worn with a boot, this fin is made to last. It is a light weight soft fin that still gives plenty of power when diving or snorkeling. Made with hard rails on either side of the blade to give support to the softer channels on the inner of the blade, it is designed to scoop up and hold water in the channels and release it evenly when kicked off. Due the blade being oversized, it will produce an increased thrust and propulsion. The side buckles are extremely easy to adjust and the thick rubber strap has a large hold in the back to fit the boots shape. Being a paddle blade, you can wear this particular fin either diving or snorkeling for extra power. Oceanic is known for their great quality gear and this fin is no exception. Perfect for someone who wants to get started and does not want to pay a fortune for their new gear.


The Ocean Pro 5mm Dive Boot is perfect for diving all year round due to it being 5mm, this will keep your feet warm in winter and still give you protection in the warmer months. This particular boot has glued and stitched seams which means it is super durable and will last many years, with care of course. When ever you are diving with an open heel fin, a dive boot is necessary as without this, you will encounter blisters, cuts and abrasions. The rubber protection that runs up the top boot stops the fin from rubbing on the boot and wearing it out, so this is a great feature, as well as the corrosion proof zipper.


Sizing: The general size of this boot is in mens sizing, so female need to take roughly 2 sizes smaller.

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