Oceanic Zeo FDXI and Hera Package

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Oceanic Zeo FDXI and Hera Package
Hera BCD Zeo FDXI Regulator Alpha 10 Octopus Geo 2 Computer Slimline Air Gauge
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Oceanic Zeo FDXI and Hera Package


The Oceanic Zeo FDXI and Hera Package is a top end scuba diving pack that you can get at a great price. This is a pack that you will never have to upgrade as all of these items will do everything you need and more. This pack contains the Oceanic Hera BCD, Zeo FDXI regulator, Alpha 8 occy, Geo 2.0 wrist computer and the slimline air gauge.


The Oceanic Hera BCD is the newest one out and it has a completely different look from the old style, new color yet same awesome style. It is a female specific design that is shaped for the female body. The shoulder straps are not so bulky and the side pockets sit slightly lower. It is an extremely comfortable fit and has that female look to it with a splash of color. Having adjustments in all areas including the shoulder straps, chest strap and cummerbund, this BCD will fit all shapes. Available in sizes XS - Large. The Hera has all metal D-rings which is fantastic for those divers who like to clip bits and pieces on to their BCD.  Equipped with inter grated weight pockets and small non dump able pockets in the rear which are positioned in the lower part for better upright body efficiency at the surface. Getting rid of that horrible old webbing weight belt makes a huge difference with comfort as you no longer have to tighten it as you go down or have to worry about it spinning. With the inter grated weight pockets there is a layer of padding between you and the lead. Oceanic BCD's have extra large pockets that can hold all of you scuba accessories e.g torch, safety sausage and more. With a dump valve on the front and rear of the BCD it is easily accessible. When looking for a new jacket, make sure you check out the Oceanic Hera, its fantastic.


The Oceanic ZEO FDXi is a new regulator in Oceanics range. It sits on the higher end of the quality scale and with good reason. The first stage is called the FDXi and is where it all starts, made from top quality froged marine brass and equipped with Oceanic DTV system. The DVT eliminates the possibility of moisture from entering the first stage when not on a tank. I'm sure we have all done it, you take you regs off the tank and go to wash it and all of a sudden you realize you forgot to put the dust cap back on and now you have water in the first stage. Being a molded first stage, this means that instead of a block of steel having the ports drilled in to it, the mould creates completely smooth sides allowing air to flow more freely through, giving to a smoother breathe.


The second stage with is called the ZEO FDXi, It is pneumatically balanced giving you a consistant flow of air at any depth without free flowing like some ones can do. It comes standard with a swivel on the second stage to put less strain on your face and neck which makes a huge difference after 45 minutes of diving. Being nitrox compatible, it is suitable for nitrox breathing gas mixtures containing 40% oxygen. Whether you are doing it now or are thinking of it for down the track, getting a regulator that is compatible is definitely the way to go.


The Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus is a back up safety regulator that is a requirement when diving. It is there for any emergency situations for whether it be yourself or your buddy to use if need be. It is a top performing occy and one the the most affordable which a great feature when looking for new gear. It is a bright yellow colour to allow it to been clearly seen underwater and it is also nitrox compatible to 40%. The orthodontic mouth piece is extremely comfortable and prevents jaw fatigue.


The Oceanic GEO 2.0 Dive Computer is a quality, functional and stylish watch style computer that can be used in 4 different modes of operation. No matter if you are scuba diving or freediving, this watch can do it all. The stainless steel accent ring and new color combination allows it to be so good looking that it can be worn everyday as a watch as well as a computer when diving. With 4 buttons, you can easily guide your way through the amazing features. Some of the great features include times, safety stops, depth, temperatures and many more. Basically this computer has everything that you will ever need to scuba dive apart from the air gauge. The Oceanic Geo 2.0 has diver replaceable batteries which will definitely save you some money as you do not have to send it off for a service when the battery goes. It will log 24 dives in its memory, however you can in fact transfer these on to your PC as the watch comes with a PC interface for downloading.


Why not grab the USB Cable to transfer your diving data from your computer to your PC, saves time and effort writing in down in a log book.


Majority of dive sights will now only allow you to dive them if you are using a computer rather than a gauge. This is due to the fact that the tables are extremely conservative, so if you were diving on a gauge using your tables, you would generally have to surface a fair amount of time earlier than other divers who are using computers. Because of this, company's like everyone to be on the same level and surface all together.


The Oceanic Slimline Pressure Gauge is a stand alone console that gives you an extremely accurate reading of your air consumption. Knowing how much air you have when scuba diving is one of the most important parts of equipment as without this, you can be in some deep trouble. The large luminous digits make viewing your air easy to read, especially in low light conditions. With a attachment loop on the console, you can connect it to your BCD on a lanyard to keep it out of the way when diving. This small streamline console screws in to a high pressure port on your regulators to give your air reading.


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