Ocean Hunter Spearfishing Starter Pack

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Ocean Hunter Spearfishing Starter Pack
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Ocean Hunter Spearfishing Starter Pack


The Ocean Hunter Spearfishing Starter Pack is the perfect pack for a beginner who is wanting to get in to spearfishing and needs all the gear without spending a fortune.


The Ocean Hunter SGS Speargun is an extremely popular gun for beginners who to want to start spearfishing but do not want to spend a fortune. This lightweight aluminum barrel is easily maneuverd through the water yet still packs a punch. Being only 600mm in length this gun is best used in shallow water chasing smaller reef fish. Equipped with a 6.5mm stainless steel spear, a 16mm rubber and comfortable loading butt, this gun is a perfect starter. The muzzle on the SGS 600 speargun is a double muzzle so a second 16mm rubber can infact be fitted to give more power, this is only needed if you are chasing larger fish. The larger the fish, the thicker they get so more power is needed to penetrate through them. Connecting the spear to the gun is mono line which is extremely strong and does not tangle. The distance that you will get from this particular gun is approximately 2.4m. The general rule is the spear will go 4 times the length on the gun, so at its maximum length from handle to spear tip will be at 2.4m. This will give you plenty of space to catch those smaller reef fish. With a sure lock firing mechanism and line release, this speargun is a great buy. You can choose to upgrade the length of the gun to the 800.


Extras:   When purchasing a speargun, there are a few extras that we recommend you purchase to complete you kit. A float rope and divers float are the 2 main extras. The rope is connected to the gun at the handle and the other end of the rope is to be connected to the float, this will ensure you will not lose your gun by accidental dropping it, or having a fish steal it! (It does happen). A pair of gloves is another item that we recommend you purchase also. Once you have shot your fish, trying to grab it and finish the kill can be very difficult without gloves. Fish are not only slippery but also may have spikes and teeth. Gloves will prevent cuts and scratches as well as grip. Here at Dive Warehouse we are loaded with information regarding spearfishing, gear and tips so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The Ocean Hunter Phantom Mask and Snorkel Set is a spearfishing mask that is extremely low volume. Being low volume means that there is less air inside the mask when being worn. When heading underwater, you need to equalize, this means you need to equalize the air inside your mask to prevent for mask squeeze. When on scuba diving, this is easier as we have spare air to use from our tanks, however when spear fishing, you are on breathe hold so you need less air in your mask so you don't use up too much breathe equalizing. The Phantom Mask has a black silicone skirt whch is perfect for Spear fishing, freedivers and photographers. This is due to the fact that black silicone tunnels you vision. When doing the above sports, you are concentrating on the single item, whether you are about to spear a fish or take that single photo of a small nudibranch. you do not need to be distracted with anything else. Maybe scuba divers will often opt for black silicone also, however, clear silicone is better for letting more light in when diving and snorkeling. The snorkel in the Phantom set is made from 100% silicone which is super comfortable in your mouth, especially when you have been using it for hours. This particular set fits majority of faces as it is not large yet not too small either. If you are looking for a top quality set at a great price, this set is for you.


How to look after your mask:  All of our masks here at Dive Warehouse are made from 100% silicone with tempered glass. When a mask is made, it gets a thin layer of silicone on the inside of the glass. This is what causes it to fog. Anti-fog's will not work until it has been pre-cleaned, to see it needs to reach the glass and with the silicone layer covering this, it cant work. To remove this layer of silicone, you will need to purchase a pre-cleaner or you can use toothpaste. These products have a slight abrasive in it and will scrub off that silicone layer. A blob of paste on to each lenses on the inside only, give it a good scrub and rinse off with fresh water. Repeat this process 3 times to ensure you have scrubbed off all of the silicone layer, then you can anti-fog. The glass will not get scratched as it is tempered. You can purchase a good quality anti-fog here at Dive Warehouse, or you can spit or lick the inside of the lens as spit is a natural anti-fog! After you have cleaned your mask and are no longer fogging, you will need to wash your gear after every use to prevent it from perishing. The best way to clean you mask and snorkel is to put them in a tub of fresh warm water and give them a good rinse. this will take off all of the salt and sand that you get from the ocean. Store them away in a dark dry place to prevent the silicone from turning an off color. The sun will do this if you store them in direct sunlight.


The Cressi Agua Fin is a long blade snorkelling fin that has an extremeley comfortable foot pocket that is made from a soft silicone to give the ultimate in comfort. It has a self adjusting foot pocket that gives when a wider foot is in the foot pocket and this is able to be done due to the softness of the focket.  It is a mid sized length blade that is suitable for all conditions and is made from durable plastic that is rigid enough for great propulsion yet light enough to prevent cramping on your legs.


The fins come in a wide range of sizes, they run in mens sizes, so females need to take roughly 2 sizes smaller. If you have any questions about sizes, feel free to contact us at Dive Warehouse where we can help answer all of your queries.


The Cressi Spero Knife is our most high volume selling knife here at Dive Warehouse. Used for scuba diving, spearfishing and snorkeling, you can keep this light weight compact knife on you at all times when in the water. The rubber coated handle is comfortable to hold and has plenty of grip to prevent from slipping out of your hand while using it. The rubber leg straps that come with it are the belt buckle design so can be adjusted to what ever tightness you need. Due to the Cressi Spero knife being so well priced you cant go wrong with it. Whether you are spearfishing and using it to kill your catch, scuba diving to cut line or just for comfort when snorkeling, this knife will suit you perfectly.


The Mares Torpedo Float is a dive float and flag that can be used for scuba diving or spearfishing. It is an inflatable float that can be deflated to store away when not being used. There are 2 compartments that can have air in, or you can put water in the bottom chamber to stabilize it in the water with air in the top. The dive flag on top is a world recognized flag that lets boat owners know that you are in the water. Having a flag and float when in the water will keep you safe from any dangers of boats and jet skis. It comes with 20 meters of line and a carabiner. When scuba diving the float is connected to your boat or mooring line for safety, if you are drift diving, you can connect it to you via a line to pull along with you. When it comes to spearfishing a float is a important as this will prevent you from loosing your gun. When rigged correctly, rope will be attached to the bottom of the gun handle, and to the float. When you shoot that fish and run out of breath, you can let go of your gun, swim to the surface and catch your breath. Then find your float...and your gun. Imagine letting go of your gun by accident....it's then gone and you will never find it. This is why you NEED a float.


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