Mares Quantum SLS BCD and Prestige 15X Package

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Mares Quantum SLS BCD and Prestige 15X Package
Prestige 15X Regulator Prestige Octopus Quantum SLS BCD Smart Computer Mission 1 Console
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Mares Quantum SLS BCD and Prestige 15X Package


The Mares Quantum SLS BCD and Prestige 15X Package is a fantastic pack to check out when looking at some scuba diving gear. It is a mid priced pointed pack with great quality gear. It contains the Mares Quantum SLS BCd, Prestige 15x reg, Prestige occy, Smart Computer and Mission 1 console. 


The Mares Quantum SLS BCD is a great buy for the price. This incredibly good looking BCD is super comfortable and comes with all the bells and whistles. Equipped with inter grated weight pockets and small non dump able pockets in the rear, these are positioned in the lower part for better upright body efficiency at the surface. The new SLS weight integrated pockets now come with a slide and lock system which allows you to visually see when you weight pocket has been safely and securely locked in to place using a color tab that shows once they are locked in. A very cool design as there is nothing worse when divers think that their pockets are locked in and they jump in and one pocket plummets to the ocean floor. Getting rid of that horrible old webbing weight belt makes a huge difference with comfort. There are two non-dumpable weight pockets at the rear of the BCD where you can place a few 1lb weights in each pocket to even you out. The metal D-rings allow you to clip diving accessories on to without having the worry of them breaking as plastic ones would. The Mares Quantum SLS BCD pockets are rather large so you can fit all of your diving needs in to them. A dump valve is sitting on your right shoulder and one bottom right behind you, this allows you to quickly and easily dump all of your aim in any situation.


The Mares Prestige 15X Black Regulator is a mid range scuba diving regulator that meets all demands from divers at all depths. It is one of Mares newest upgrades reg that comes in 2 colors. The first stage is the 15X and comes with pre-oriented low and high pressure ports. It is quite compact and only weighs 772 grams. It has the Mares DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) which minimizes pressure drop during breathing to prevent less air flow and there fore giving you maximum air delivery even in deeper depths and extreme currents.  Connecting the 1st and 2nd stage is the superflex hose with is a braided material that is 3 times stronger than the old rubber hoses. This means that they will most likely last 3 times longer, saving you money. The 2nd stage is the Prestige and has a super large purge button which makes it easily to press and comes in 2 colors. Having the VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) means that the air bypass tube moves air to the mouthpiece using a vortex motion keeping the diaphram down and giving you ease of breathing at all depths. The Mares Prestige 15X is a mid range regulator and is perfect for those divers out there who do not want to spend a fortune but still want quality. 


The Mares Prestige Octopus is a backup regulator designed to be used emergencies which is why it is bright yellow, easy to be seen. For example, if your regulator was to fail of if your buddy ran out of air, they could grab your Octopus and breathe your air with you until you both surface. The Prestige Occy is a light weight design and incredibly resistant to abrasion. The great feature of this particular occy is the pre-dive system that prevents the regulator from free flowing when not being used. The hose on the Prestige octopus is a braided hose, this type of hose is 3 times stronger than the traditional rubber hose and there fore lasts 3 times as long.  Both beginners and advanced divers will choose this regulator due to its fantastic features. Hopefully you will never have to use this Octopus, however in a worst case scenario, you will know that you can rely on it.


The Mares Smart Computer is a slim line wrist watch style that is designed for any level of scuba diver. Whether you are looking for your first dive computer or you are wanting to upgrade, the Mares Smart watch will do the job. Named one of the smartest computer on the market right now. This will do everything that you need when recreationally diving. It can be worn as an everyday watch with time fuction as it is super slimline and doesnt look like a bulky computer. When you hit water, it will turn on and tell you all you need to know other than air of course. Temperatures, depths, safety stops, Nitrox mixes or even if you want to check your log book and much more. Available in 2 colors.


Why not grab the Mares Interface Dive Link USB to transfer your diving data from your computer to your PC, saves time and effort writing in down in a log book.


Majority of dive sights will now only allow you to dive them if you are using a computer rather than a guage. This is due to the fact that the tables are extremely conservative, so if you were diving on a guage using your tables, you would generally have to surface a fair amount of time earlier than other divers who are using computers. Because of this, company's like everyone to be on the same level and surface all together.


For any more information feel free to contact us at Dive Warehouse where we will answer and of your questions.


The Mares Mission 1 Console is a modular design gauge that shows you how much air you have in you tanks. This is an extremely important part of your scuba diving equipment as you need to know how much time you have left underwater. Without a air gauge, you will not know how much air you have. It is connected on to a high pressure port on  your first stage, then on to your tank. Sitting in a anti shock casing, this very precise pressure gauge with easy to read display will help you along the way. With a Attachment loop on the tip of the console, you can connect it to your bcd on a lanyard to keep it out of the way when diving.

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