Mares Mission 2 Gauge

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Mares Mission 2 Gauge
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Mares Mission 2 Gauge Product Description 




The Mares Mission 2 Gauge is a modular design gauge that shows you how much air you have and how deep you are diving. The top gauge will show you how deep you are at all times and is colour coded to help you see. Red is from the surface to 10 metres, White is 10m to 30m and them blue is 30m to 70m. This is something that you will need to know to work out your interval surface times. The bottom gauge will tell you the amount of air that is left in your tank which is an extremely important part of your scuba diving equipment as you need to know how much time you have left underwater. Without the air gauge, you will not know how much air you have. The face is an easy to read display with color coded areas so you can always clearly see where you are with remaining air. Blue is safe with 360 bar to 200 bar, white is starting to think about finishing your dive and head back to the surface and is 200 bar to 50 bar, red is very low so and you should never be still diving when your air consumption is in the red and black is out of air. The gauge is shown in bar from 0 bar to 360 bar. 


The Mares Mission 2 comsole is a high pressure gauge that screws in to the HP port on the 1st stage of the regulator to read the contents of the tank. Its hose is 33cm in length and made from a high grade rubber and the gauge has a brass case that sits inside a protective rubber boot that is an anti shock elastomer to prevent any damage to the pressure gauge. The technopolymer window covers the glow in the dark face which is great for night diving or on dark cloudly days as you can always see your air consumption. With a Attachment loop on the tip of the console, you can connect it to your bcd on a lanyard to keep it out of the way when diving.


Product Features


  • Brass casing
  • Rubber console boot
  • Glow in the dark face
  • Technopoloymer Window
  • Anti-shock case
  • Easy to read
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Pressure Gauge




  • Black




  • Hose length 33cm


Care Instructions


  • Rinse in fresh clean water after every use
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Dry fully before storing away
  • Have checked every year by a dive service technician







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Is it in PSI or BAR?


 - The Mares Mission 2 Console is shown in BAR from 0 to 360.


Will I be able to see it when night diving?


 - The Mares Mission 2 Console has a glow in the dark face so will be able to be seen day and night without a torch. 


Do I have to use it with other Mares products?


 - Most divers like to keep all of their gear within the same brand, however they are all interchangeable with the same threads so you can put different brands together.


What is the warranty?


 - The Mares warranty is 2 year on manufacturing faulty. If you need to make a claim, the product will need to be assessed by Mares before a decison is made.


What do you get in the box when you purchase this computer?


 - The Mares Mission 2 Console comes with the gauge and an instruction booklet.


Download and read the Mares Instruction Manual here



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