Mares Genius Computer

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Mares Genius Computer
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Mares Genius Computer Product Description 




The Mares Genius Computer is Mares top of the line computer with good reason. It has all the bells and whistles that you could want or need on a dive computer. The genius has a full colour high resolution display that has over sized digits for easy viewing and is colour coded in each section on the display. Having the new ZH-L16C algorithm with gradient factors and predictive multigas this dive watch is a massive step above the rest and is in a league of its own. It is nitrox and trimix compatible from 21% to 99% with up to 5 gases and has a built in full tilt digital compass so you will never get lost whilst using the Genius. 


The Genius computer has th ability to read your air consumption via bluetooth from the Mares Tank Module that you screw in to the HP port on your 1st stage and this allows you to read your air on your computer using a wireless transmitter. The Tank module is also colour coded and will show you where the battery is at. Green for fully charged, yellow for half way and red for needing a battery change. The tank module is sold seperately.


The memory capacity is 100 hours but you can send them over to your PC or MAC using the software Mares supplies. There are 4 buttons to navigate through the screens and this is fairly easy to ge through, however you can find the manual down below to help you out with any quetsions. The best way to learn more about your computer is to use it in the water, all the functions will start up. It has all of the standard functions including depth, safety stop, dive planner, accent rates, temperature as well as a night mode, map viewing and tissue saturation graphs. 


The most sellable feature of this particular watch is by far the rechargeable battery, this means years and years of maintenance free use as well as the charging cradle doubles up as PC interface for downloading dives. This allows you to not have to go to a service centre and pay to get your battery changed. Once you have purchased your Mares Genius computer and wish to transfer dives to your computer, you will need to download the appropiate software program to your chosen devise which you can find below. If you are using a PC, you will need to get the Dive Organiser sorftware and if you have a Mac you will need to get the Divers Diary software. 



Download the Software here




Product Features


  • Full Colour Display
  • Oversized Digits
  • Night Mode function
  • Nitrox and Trimix capable - up to 5 gases
  • ZH-L16c Algorithm with Gradient Factors
  • Predictive Multigas
  • 4 button navigation
  • Full tilt digital compass with bearing memory
  • Gas switching EAN from 21% to 99%
  • Tissue Saturation Graph
  • Map Viewing function
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Bottom timer
  • 100 hour log book
  • Decompression dive planner
  • Surface interval countdown
  • Visual Accent and decent rate
  • Depths
  • Temperature
  • Safety stop timer
  • Audio Alamrs
  • Time Zones
  • Date
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Operating modes: Air and Nitrox
  • Fresh or salt water measurements
  • Battery Life: 40 hours dive time/ 500 recharging cycles approx
  • USB interface transfer cable




  • Black




  • Adult - One size fits all




  • Custom Lithium Ion Polymer - Rechargeable


Care Instructions


  • Make sure you give it a good rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Take care when charging the battery
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in the direct sunlight
  • Store in a safe place


Majority of dive sights will now only allow you to dive them if you are using a computer rather than a guage. This is due to the fact that the tables are extremely conservative, so if you were diving on a guage using your tables, you would generally have to surface a fair amount of time earlier than other divers who are using computers. Because of this, company's like everyone to be on the same level and surface all together. This is a great reason to purchase or upgrade to the Mares Matrix.








Mares Rover Octopus                            Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator






Can I add a Air transmitter to this computer?


 - The Mares Genius computer can be connected to the Mares Tank Module for air integration. This is sold seperately.


How long does the battery last?


 - The Mares Genius will approximately last for 40 hoursdive time with 500 recharging cycles.


How do I change my battery?


 - With the Mares Genius, it is rechargeable so you do not have to replace the battery, it uses the USB cable to charge in either a laptop or wall.


What is the warranty?


 - The Mares computer warranty is 2 year on manufacturing faulty. If you need to make a claim, the product will need to be assessed by Mares before a decison is made.


What do you get in the box when you purchase this computer?


 - The Mares Genius dive computer comes with the charging cable and the user manual.



Download and read the instruction manual here for the Mares Genius computer


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