Mares Bolt SLS BCD and Rover 15x Package

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Mares Bolt SLS BCD and Rover 15x Package
Bolt BCD Mares Rover 15X Regulator Rover Octopus Puck Pro Computer Mission 1 Console
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Mares Bolt SLS BCD and Rover 15x Package


The Mares Bolt SLS BCD and Rover 15x Package is a great way to get your own gear when new to diving, without spending a fortune. This extremely affordable pack contains the Mares Bolt BCD, Rover 12s reg, Rover occy, Puck pro computer and mission 1 gauge.


The Mares Rover 15x Regulator is the perfect choice for the diver who wants to great Regulator at an affordable price. The Mares Rover 15x is a well prices starter regthat has amazing reliability and hard wearing functions. The mid sized second stage is a sleek black style, with the first stage, a sandblasted finished matte look. This has been sandblasted to make it scratch resistant. The first stage is light weight and super compact. There is nothing worse than having a large first stage on your regulator and having it hit the back of your neck while diving.  It is a balanced diaphragm reg with a rubber hose connecting it to the rover 2nd stage.


The Mares Rover Octopus is a secondary regulator designed as an emergency air source. Whether you or your buddy needs it, it is always there and ready for action. Super durable and sturdy, you really can not go wrong with the regulator. You can never get confused with your regs and the Rover Occy is a bright yellow so you can always see it if needed. Hopefully you will never have to use your back up as it is generally only used in emergencys and we dont want that. Having a Octopus is mandatory when scuba diving and with this Mares Rover you can be assured that it is good quality and will do the job.

The Mares Bolt SLS BCD is a giant step in the evolution of back mounted BCDs. This very cool design means that the air cell is actually separate from the harness, which gives you more freedom of movement than any other BCD. Another great feature to this particular jacket is the lumber comfort system that gives you extreme comfort when diving. There are 6 metal D-rings on the Mares Bolt BCD. The shoulder clips swivel to give you the best possible fit around your chest and the chest strap keeps you held together preventing any shoulds slipping.  The smart trim weight positioning makes it easy for you to grab your weight pockets if needed and are securly held in with the SLS clips. Under your right weight pocket is a roll down cargo pocket for storage and next to that is your dump valve. Weighing only 3.8 kgs, this is the perfect BCD for travelling. 

The Mares Puck Pro Wrist Dive computer is perfect for those in need of pure ease. It is a fully function RGBM dive computer with oversized digits for easy reading and has a backlight on demand. The single button operation allows divers to smoothly scroll though the menu options with out any confusion. This computer has gas switching capabilities so no matter if you are diving on air or nitrox, this computer will be great for you. Along with mineral glass display and software upgrade ability, it will do everything that you as a diver needs it to do. Safety stops, bottom times, temperatures and a dive planner. The Puck Pro watch has user replaceable batteries so you do not have to sad it away to servicing when the battery goes flat, you can do it at home yourself saving you time and money.


Why not grab the Puck Pro  USB to transfer your diving data from your computer to your PC, saves time and effort writing in down in a log book.


Majority of dive sights will now only allow you to dive them if you are using a computer rather than a guage. This is due to the fact that the tables are extremely conservative, so if you were diving on a guage using your tables, you would generally have to surface a fair amount of time earlier than other divers who are using computers. Because of this, company's like everyone to be on the same level and surface all together. This is why you need the Mares Puck Pro computer.

The Mares Mission 1 Console is a modular design gauge that shows you how much air you have in you tanks. This is an extremely important part of your scuba diving equipment as you need to know how much time you have left underwater. Without a air gauge, you will not know how much air you have. It is connected on to a high pressure port on  your first stage, then on to your tank. Sitting in a anti shock casing, this very precise pressure gauge with easy to read display will help you along the way. With a Attachment loop on the tip of the console, you can connect it to your bcd on a lanyard to keep it out of the way when diving.

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