How to make Speargun Rubbers?

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How to make Speargun Rubbers?

What are Speargun rubbers?


The speargun rubber is what propels the spear forward to shoot the fish that you are hunting. These come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths so depending on your gun length will determine which rubber size you will need. The information below is a guide on how to make your own rubbers and which lengths you will need. 


What you will need:


  • Rubber – cut to size
  • A bridle
  • Constrictor cord – 80cm
  • T-Tool
  • Pliers x 2 (or a vice and one pair)
  • Silicone spray
  • Scissors
  • A lighter


Step 1:


Grab your rubber and spray a little silicone into the end. This will help lubricate it enough to get the bridle bead into it. Place the bridle bead into the t-tool and then push the bead into the end of the rubber at least 2-3cm in. Once it is in far enough, simply pull the t-tool out and the bridle will stay in the rubber. 


Step 2:


With the constrictor cord, cut it in half and use 40cm to tie off the end of the rubber. The closer to the end of the rubber the better. Here is a diagram to show you how to tie the knot.



Step 3:


To get the best result, you will need to pull the knot as tight as possible. Use 2 pairs of pliers to wrap the ends of the constrictor cord around the nose of each pair and pull until the knot will no longer get tighter. If using a vice, place one end in to the vice and pull the other end with the pliers.


Step 4:


Once you have it tight enough, trim the ends of the cord as close as possible to the rubber and then grab the lighter and burn the ends until they melt. Use the bottom of the lighter to push the melted ends in to the knot to seal it off.


Step 5:


If you have a closed muzzle, here is the point where you will thread the rubber through the muzzle and then do the same steps as above to finish off making the rubber. You will start from Step 1 again on the other end of the rubber starting with spraying silicone and puching the bridle bead into it. 


Below is the chart for speargun rubbers


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