How to Keep Warm Diving in Winter

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How to Keep Warm Diving in Winter

How do you keep warm in winter when diving?


There is nothing worse than being cold whilst diving as once you’re underwater, its impossible to warm up until you hop out and get into a warm shower. The deeper you go, the colder it gets and when you get cold, it’s almost like your bones get cold and that’s it for the dive. This article is going to give you some advice on how to prevent getting cold.


Here at Dive Warehouse we are situated on the sunny Gold Coast in south East Queensland where we are lucky that our water temperature doesn’t plummet unlike further south. Please keep this in mind when reading through as we would wear a 5mm suit all year round where as down south a 7mm-8mm would be more suitable


Winter diving is by far the best as it’s the calmest and clearest of all year round so you really don’t want to not get wet as you will miss the best visibility. Read further below to give you the best advice on keeping snuggly warm through winter.




Wetsuit Thickness:


The thickness of the wetsuit will determine the warmth and here in south QLD a 5mm is the most popular thickness through the colder months. Some divers do choose to wear a 7mm if they feel the cold more so than others, however with a 5mm you can add some accessories on to stay warmer throughout winter and have a little more flexibility as the 7mm suits can be more restrictive.


Wetsuit Accessories:


Hoods – A Dive hood is made from neoprene just like the wetsuits and come in different thickness’s from 1mm to 5mm. Your head is one of the main spots where heat leaves your body from so if you wear a hood, you are keeping the heat in and therefore keeping you warm. A hood should fit nice and snug, without being too uncomfortable. If the hood is loose, the heat will just escape and will defeat the purpose for wearing the hood.


Gloves – Gloves will keep those fingers of yours warmer for longer and they come in 2mm through to 5mm. The most common thickness glove would be 3mm as this gives you enough dexterity and warmth. There are made from neoprene and should also fit nice and firm.


Socks – Some divers who really do feel the cold like to wear a dive sock that is made from neoprene inside their dive boot. This will give an extra layer of warmth as feet are another place where heat escapes the body. Dive boots are a 5mm in thickness so add on a 2mm sock and you’ve got 7mm on warmth on your feet.


Thermal Under Garments:




The thermal dive gear is where the magic happens and what can change your winter diving in to comfortable snuggly diving. Here at Dive Warehouse we have a wide range of thermal gear from Enth Degree that will suit everybody’s needs. They are available in male and female fittings and come in a wide range of sizes and styles.


Thermal dive gear works the same as snow thermals, it’s designed to be worn underneath your wetsuit to give extra warmth for those cold days. They have a fleece inner material that between your body’s heat and the small amount of water inside warm up and keep you warmer for longer. You can choose from a singlet, to a long sleeve top, to a body suit to long pants and shorts as well as hoods, and socks.


The Fit of your Suit:


The fit of your wetsuit, accessories and thermal wear will ultimately determine how warm you will be. These are all designed to be extremely firm as if they were a second skin layer. A wetsuit is not easy to put on, it should be difficult and in turn will be tight. If a suit goes on easy and is super comfortable then its most likely too big. If your suit is too big then this will defeat the purpose of a wetsuit.


A wetsuit works best when its tight and this is designed to keep cold water from entering your suit constantly. Water will always flood through your suit but the less the better, if you have cold water flowing through continually then you will never get warm as your body’s heat will not get a chance to warm up the water in the suit.



Ultimately if you are a cold person and struggle in the winter, get yourself a firm fitting 5mm suit, a thermal top, chuck a hood on with some gloves and socks. This will no doubt keep you nice and warm throughout your diving adventures.  Through summer you can use your 5mm suit without the accessories.


Happy Diving!



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