How to Clean your Dive Gear

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How to Clean your Dive Gear

Why should you clean your dive gear?


Cleaning your dive equipment is a must and it should be done thoroughly after ever dive, whether you have time or not, it needs to be done. A good pointer is if you are running hard with time, finish your dive 10 minutes earlier to give your self time to clean the gear. We have seen equipment hear at Dive Warehouse when people come in for servicing and the state that some of it is in is not the best. There’s sand and salt water everywhere with rusty bits and seized up parts and this is all because it has not been washed correctly or at all.


As you are aware diving gear is not cheap so looking after it will allow it to last longer and not have to be replaced so quickly. This article is designed to give you some great information and pointers of what you should do to keep your scuba diving gear looking brand new for longer.



So you have just hopped out of the water after an amazing dive and your ready to start washing. First of all is you will need something to wash the equipment in. The best thing that I have found is a solid plastic tub that I purchased in Bunnings Warehouse. They are the good quality black tubs that I found last the longest as the clear ones can crack quiet easily. Any dive spot will have a tap over where the showers generally are and this is where you need to be to wash your gear.


Fill your black tub up with fresh water then grab a “Wetsuit Wash/Shampoo”. We have the Gear Aid one here at Dive Warehouse and it is only $16 and will last many dives. You will need to put 2 capfuls in per 3.5ltr water. Give it a stir with your hand and then pop all of your gear in. Don’t forget to put your dust cap back on to your first stage! With a kneading motion wash the items thoroughly making sure all items have had a good clean. With your BCD, you can give it a more thorough clean by flushing our the inside of the bladder using all 3 valves to remove the water. This will allow any salt or sand to be flushed out and prevent the valves from getting clogged. Once this has been done, empty the water and rinse all of your gear with fresh water to remove the shampoo suds.



Pop all of your gear back in to the tub for the drive home. Big pro of the tub is that you will not have wet gear flooding your car through a bag! Once you are home, pull out all of your gear and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, which should only take a day or so, store it away ready for your next big diving adventure. We have a “How to store your dive gear” article that I will link for you to see.


TIP: Taking extra time to clean buckles, clips and zippers will keep them in better working condition and less likely to seize up.



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