How much weight do I need?

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How much weight do I need?

How much weight do I need?


This is a very common question that we get asked almost everyday instore here at Dive Warehouse. Its an important one as well as if you get this wrong, it can be very dangerous. Now depending on what you are doing whether it be spearfishing, scuba diving, freediving or snorkeling will depend on how much weight you will need. The thickness of your wetsuit or if you are even wearing one will also come in to play. Neoprene is extremely buoyant so if you are wearing a wetsuit then you will need extra weight to help you sink where if you are not wearing a wetsuit then less weight is needed.


The general rule of weights is:


5% of your body weight wearing a 3mm wetsuit when spearfishing, freediving and snorkeling.


10% of your body weight wearing a 5mm wetsuit when scuba diving.


Please see the table below for the different weights:


When it comes to weighing a person, the estimation that we have provided is an approximate weight and can vary from person to person. Some people need more weight and some less so when starting out, it's best to start lighter and increase the weight as needed. Do not over weight yourself straight away.


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