How To store your Dive Gear

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How To store your Dive Gear

This may seem to be a silly blog to some divers, however with seeing the state of some gear when it comes in for servicing, we feel that this needs to be put out there to encourage divers to take better care of their gear.


Now Scuba Diving equipment is not cheap, so looking after it is very important for not only the cost of it but for your safety when diving. Cleaning is the first step to storing it, however this is a whole other blog so I will link it in here so you can have a read. How to clean your Dive Gear.


Once you have properly given your dive gear a good clean and it is ready to be stored, here’s what you do:


Leave your gear to dry for a day or so, leave it in the bath to dry or hang it outside under cover as this will allow it to dry quicker. Now depending on where you live whether it be a high rise with not a lot of storage space or you have a garage or back yard shed it shouldn’t really make too much of a difference, only some minor changes. The best place to store you gear is somewhere dry and out of the sun and heat. A garden shed is not the best place as these can heat up to extreme temperatures and this can warp your mask and fin shapes. A garage or spare room will be the best place. Once you gear is dry you can start the storing process.


The best thing that I have found to store your gear in is a solid plastic tub that I purchased in Bunnings Warehouse. They are the good quality black tubs that I found last the longest as the clear ones can crack quiet easily. They come with a lid that can be secured on with 2 side clips to prevent things falling out or bugs getting in.

When you purchase a mask, 95% of the time it will come with a clear plastic box and this is something that you should keep and look after as it is what you should pop your clean and dry mask in to for storage. If you are to put a wet mask in this, in our hot climate, mould will form and that would not be a pleasant thing to have when putting it on your face next time. Your Mask, Snorkel, Fins and any dive accessories can be placed in to the black tub with the lid sealed. This is all of the “Software” that you use with diving except the wetsuit.

The best thing to use for a wetsuit is a Multi purpose Hanger which you can get from us here at Dive Warehouse. They are only about $30 and make a huge difference. Trying to hang a super heavy wetsuit on a clothes hanger can and will often end up in a snapped or bent hanger as the wetsuit are simply too heavy. The Multi purpose hangers are heavy duty and will take all of the weight with ease. Hanginf your suit in the spare room wardrobe is a great place as it is away from any spiders or bugs that may be in the garage.



Next is the “Hardware” which is your Regs and BCD. Hopefully you have somewhere to hang this gear whether it is in a wardrobe or in the garage. Grab another hanger for your BCD and it will make it easy to store again as normal clothes hangers will not hold the weight. The design of these hangers allows your BCD to be hung over the top to keep it in shape and to allow air flow.


Your Regs and computer are the most important part of Scuba Diving as these are your life source and are what keep you alive. Storing them correctly is of the most importance. Grab your self a Regulator bag which are not expensive at all and this is what you will store your Regs in. They are generally made from a padded canvas with a zipper and come with a carry handle. Place the First Stage in the bag and then carefully wrap the hoses of each Regulator and Computer loosely around it. It is super important that the hoses are not kinked or bent as this will allow knicks to occur and lead to a leaking hose. You can then hang this or place it in on top of your gear in the black Bunnings tub.



So many times have we seen bugs and spider webs inside Regulator mouthpieces and this is due to them not being stored away safely. If you can keep all of your gear safely away it will last longer and when it comes around for servicing, you may find you wont need as many parts replaced.


Hopefully this guide will give you a better idea of storing your diving gear and encourage you to look after it.

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