How To Care For Your Regulator

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How To Care For Your Regulator

How to care for your Regulator


Making sure you know all of the features of your regulator and how it works is the most important thing you could do. We all get a brief understanding of a regulator through the dive course but until you have your own reg, the information you have is not enough, so learning some of the basics will help you along the way. Your sales assistant that you purchase your regulator from here at Dive Warehouse will be able to give you all the information you need.


Doing a pre dive check will not only benefit yourself but your gear too. Firstly, go over your regulator hoses to make sure there is no snag’s or damage and make sure the hose fittings are secure and in the correct ports (if this is brand new). Then make sure your mouthpiece is in good condition and secured with the zip tie. Finally, before you enter the water, turn your tank on and take a few deep breaths through the reg to make sure it is in working order.


After your dive you must always make sure you put the dust cap on the 1st stage as soon as it comes off the tank. Failure to do this will result in a flooded 1st stage and it will need to be serviced and that’s another cost you don’t want.


Next you want to soak your reg set in warm water to remove any salt crystals, sand and general dirt. Make sure it is completely submerged in the water and leave it for a good 10 minutes, more if you have the time. After it has been soaked, rinse it all with cold fresh water and leave to dry.


Store it away in a safe and dark place out of the direct sunlight. Keeping it in a regulator bag is the best storage as this will prevent dust or bugs to enter the mouthpiece. Keeping your gear stored correctly after washing will allow it to last longer than not.


Make sure you have your regulator service every two years and inspected every other year. A service tech should be seeing you every year to make sure the reg is in perfect and safe working order.


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