How To Care For Your Wetsuit

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How To Care For Your Wetsuit

How to care for your Diving Wetsuit


Taking care of your wetsuit will allow it to last of many years and this includes a few simple steps.


Make sure when you are putting on your wetsuit that you take off any jewellery that could rip the lining of the suit. If your suit has seals on the wrists and ankles then we suggest that you fold them up so the lining is on the outside and this will prevent from any tearing. Make sure you put the suit on bit by bit so to speak. First get your ankles where they should be, then make sure the knee pads are on your knees, then get your crotch where it should be. Once your bottom half is on, then you can start putting your arms in. Sounds a bit silly but if the bottom half of the suit isn’t on correctly then the top half will definitely no go on well.


After use, you want to give your suit a through clean in fresh water. Using a wetsuit shampoo wash is recommended to remove any harmful salt crystals, sand and dirt. This will also keep your suit smelling nice and clean and keep the colour from fading. Soak it for approx. 20 mins and then rinse in cold clean water. When drying your suit, try to lay it flat to start with as if you hand it straight away, It can stretch a little with the weight of the excess water. Once the suit has dried off a little, hanging it on a wetsuit hanger will allow it to dry off completely.


Once your suit is dry, store it away out of the direct sunlight as the sun will fade the colour of the suit. Keep the zipper undone for air flow and try to keep it away from bugs and critters.


If you look after your wetsuit, they can last 15years + so they are definitely an investment and if fitted correctly, they will make your diving so much more enjoyable.


If you have any questions of the wetsuits, give us a call here at Dive Warehouse.


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