How To Care For Your Dive Mask

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How To Care For Your Dive Mask

How to care for your Dive Mask


With all new dive masks, they need to be cleaned before use so make sure you have time before you hop in the water to give it a clean. Now through the manufacturing process a film of thin silicone develops on the inside of the glass and this is what causes fogging. This layer can not be seen but trust us…it's there. You will need to use a cleaner to remove this layer which you can purchase called Gear Aid Sea Buff. This thick cream has an abrasive in it that removes the silicone layer without scratching the lens as they are tempered glass. Apply to the inside only on the dry lens and give a good scrub, rinse of and do it again. The better the clean, the more chance that you are removing the layer and less likely to fog. You will only need to do this when the mask is new and maybe every six months or so.  Please do not use an open flame to remove the silicone, this is very dangerous to the mask as if the flame hits the skirt, your mask will burn and a new one will be in order.


Once this film is removed by using the Sea Buff, you will need to use an anti-fog solution that you can purchase called Gear Aid Sea drops. This is a thin liquid that puts a layer of antifog on the lens to prevent fogging. It will need to be reapplied each time you use the mask and it does come off when you clean it.


After you have used your mask, a good through clean will need to be done along with all of your other dive gear. Place your mask in a bowl of luke warm water to remove salt, sand and general dirt for 10 minutes or so then rinse in cold water and store away. Do not use hot water to clean your mask.


When you purchase your dive mask, most brands sell them with a hard-plastic box that is perfect for keeping it safe. After every use, once you have cleaned it, make sure it is dry completely before putting it away. If you place a wet mask in a box, it will warm up and mould will indeed grow so make sure it's dry before storing. Also make sure you do not leave your mask in the direct sunlight as the suns harsh rays will discolour the skirt which looks pretty bad and ugly after a while so keep it in a dark shady place.


Any more questions or concerns about your dive mask and how to look after it, feel free to contact us here at Dive Warehouse.




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