Eyeline Anti-fog Spray

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Eyeline Anti-fog Spray
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Product Description


The Eyeline Anti-fog spray works on all swimming goggles as not only an anti-fog but also as a cleaning solution. Majority of goggles come with an anti-fog coating on them when purchased as new, however the anti fogto get rid of any buildup and then rinsed again with fresh water. Make sure they are completely dry before application by air dry only, do not wipe the lenses at all as this may scratch them. Then you simply spray a small amount on the inside of the lens evenly spread with a soft tissue, after 5 minutes they are like new. Make sure the solution has completely dried before using them as this could be dangerous to your eyes. You may need to reapply each swim, same as a snorkeling mask anti-fog. The anti-fog coating will come off easily if touched at all whether it be with your finger or a towel so make sure you never touch the inside of a swimming goggle lens. When the antifog comes off, it will look like they are scratched, this is the coating coming off and putting a new layer or anti-fog on will clear it up. 


Product Features


  • Prevents fogging goggles
  • Easy application spray bottle
  • Works on all brands of swimming goggles




  • Clear Liquid Spray




  • 20ml


Care Instructions


  • Keep spray away from eyes
  • Do not spray near an open flame
  • Do not have contact with skin
  • Use with care
  • Do not ingest liquid
  • Avoid putting bottle in the sun


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