Do I need a Dive Kinfe?

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Do I need a Dive Kinfe?

Do I need a Dive Kinfe?


Hey everyone,


A knife is something that every diver should have but isn’t a must. There are a lot of misconceptions of why divers have a knife on them and let me tell you that the most common one is quiet silly. The whole “you need a knife to stop sharks” is the most common phrase we hear at Dive Warehouse. If a knife makes you feel more comfortable when in the water then absolutely wear one as this will help calm you and allow you to enjoy your dive experience more.


Divers will only pull out there knife a few times over their diving lifetime and the most common time to use it is for cutting rope or fishing line. Unfortunately, our oceans are filled with rubbish and sometimes we get caught up in it. A knife is the best tool to have to get you out of any situation that could cause issues with line. I'm sure you’ve all see the videos out there where marine animals have even come to divers for help due to being tangled. Dolphins, turtles and even whales. If we can help in anyway then we should as long as it's safe for you both.


Clean up days are done in the dive industry where a large group of divers go out and clean up all the fishing line, nets and rubbish and to do this, your dive knife comes in extremely handy. There are a few other small things that you can do with your knife including prying things open or using the handle as a small hammer for different purposes as well.


Most knives come with leg straps so you can wear it on your calf, some can be clipped on your weight belt, BCD or even your regulator hose. As we said, we definitely recommend having a knife on you at all time when in the ocean but not for the reason most think of.


Happy and Safe Diving!

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