Different Snorkel Types

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Different Snorkel Types

What’s the difference with the Snorkels?


There are two different types of snorkels in the diving world and they include a semi-dry top and an ultra-dry top. They are very similar in many ways yet have a small difference that makes a large difference when in use. They both are made from 100% silicone and come with a one-way purge valve under the mouthpiece that allows any water to be blown out. This is a great feature as it means that you don’t have to blow the excess water all the way out of top.


A semi-dry snorkel has a partial closure on the top of the snorkel and this will minimize water from entering the tube when someone comes splashing past however when you duck under the water the snorkel will flood meaning you will have to empty the snorkel with a large breathe to make sure it empty’s all the water out.


An ultra-dry snorkel has a valve on the top of the tube and this is pressure censored,  meaning that as soon as water hits the valve it will close preventing water from entering. When you duck under the water the valve will close so when you resurface, a small breath will be done yet no water will be in there. The Ultra-dry tops are popular of divers or snorkelers that are not 100% confident in the water,


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