Cressi Travel Package

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Cressi Travel Package
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The Cressi Travel Package is the ideal kit to grab when you are looking on saving space and weight for traveling with your scuba diving gear. This Particular pack contains the Cressi Patrol BCD, MC9-SC Compact Regulator, Compact Octopus and Pressure Gauge. 


  • Cressi Patrol BCD
  • Cressi MC9-SC Compact Regulator
  • Cressi Compact Octopus
  • Cressi Air Pressure Gaugfe


The Cressi Patrol BCD is a light weight travel style that is perfect for travelling divers who need to save on weight and luggage space. Recreational divers also love this BCD even if they are not travelling as, it has an extremely free feeling when wearing it compared to a a full inflating BCD where you can feel a little restricted. This rear inflation style bladder allows you to have a more streamline silhouette which is great for cave or wreck diving. The bladder is completely separate to the harness so when it is fully inflated, you do not feel a difference at all preventing that squeezing feeling. It is a light weight and low volume design that is a unisex fitting. Due to the harness being separate to the bladder, you can get a perfect fit no matter the body shape.


The weight integrated pocket called LAS (Locking Aid System) means that you can have all of the lead weight in the pockets to eliminate those old horrid weight belts that constantly twist and turn. With a simple pull, you can release the weight pockets if needed in an emergency. The pockets hold 10lb in each and are a thin and streamline fit to reduce any drag. 


The Cressi Patrol BCD has a very cool feature which most other styles do not have, and that is the adjustable shoulder harness system. This means that you can get the best possible fit as you can fully adjust it to fit your body shape. Let’s say you need a size large but you have a very short torso, a standard large would sit very low under your waist, whereas the Patrol can be shortened to fit your short torso. Perfect! This is a huge plus when it comes to fitting divers as it allows everyone to get the correct fit each and every time.


There is a hide away pocket for any accessories that you may need to keep on you that rolls down from under the weight pocket on the right and the Patrol has durable plastic D-rings that you can hang any accessories off. The shoulders and back plate are padded nicely allowing this BCD to be a great choice when looking for your new or next BCD. It is made from 420D denier nylon with a neutral buoyancy padding. There are two dump valves including one bottom front right and over your right shoulder to allow for a quick and easy dump without any hassle.


The Cressi MC9-SC Compact Pro Regulator is a top performing reg at a super affordable price point. The Cressi equipment is made in Italy and they sure do know how to make quality gear that is also good looking. The Compact Pro MC9-SC is an all-rounder and can be used in warm and cold waters due to the materials that is made with.


The first stage a balanced diaphragm and is environmentally sealed which protects it from any matter in dirty waters and can also prevent icing in extremely cold waters. This is because none of the internal parts are exposed preventing salt, sand or dust being able to enter the 1st stage. These things can cause corrosion on the inner workings and prevent the regulator from working at its best state. A diaphragm 1st stage works in a very simple way and sometimes simple is better as having fewer working parts allows for less maintenance. Having the standard 2 HP ports and 4 LP ports, you can add a spare computer of transmitter on to the 1st stage if needed. Connecting the 1st to the 2nd stage is Cressi's jacketed hose which is stronger and last longer than the average rubber hose. It’s also has an anti-kink feature where it will not kink at all. 


The second stage is light weight with an extra-large purge button for easy use with a stainless-steel cover. There is nothing worse than having a super small purge button that you struggle to use, especially when you are wearing thick chunky gloves.  It has an adjustable venturi system which allows you to control the air flow into your mouth to give you a comfortable dive that suits you as some divers prefer direct air flow and others like indirect flow. The anti-scratch surface of course prevents abrasions for the second stage when diving and the thermo-conductive technopolymer body transfers heat like metal which allows you to be able to dive in cold waters. If you are in the market for some new gear, make sure you check out the Cressi range of hard ware. 


The Cressi Compact Octopus is a secondary back up regulator designed as an emergency air source. Whether you or your buddy needs it, it is always there and ready for action and is easily seen by the bright yellow colour of the hose and face. All Occys are yellow for that simple reason of being able to spot it in an emergency. Being light weight and super compact, you really cannot go wrong with this regulator especially for the price. Hopefully you will never have to use your back up as it is generally only used in emergencies but it is mandatory to have when scuba diving and with the Cressi Compact octopus you can be assured that it is good quality and will do the job.


It has a downstream system with an adjustable venturi effect that allows you to alter the air flow. The extra large purge button is easy to use even with thick gloves on.  Connecting the 1st to the 2nd stage is Cressi's jacketed hose which is stronger and last longer than the average rubber hose. It’s also has an anti-kink feature where it will not kink at all. 


The Cressi Pressure Air Gauge is a simple yet necessary item that you will need when diving as it lets you know how much air you have in your tank at any given time. A great feature of this particular gauge is the colour coded areas which helps you easily and instantly know where you are with air consumption. The Blue zone is from 350 bar to 200 bar which tells you that you have plenty of air. Green is 200 bar to 100 bar which tells you that you are starting to get low and finally Red is 100 bar to 50 and if you are on red, this means that it is time to get organized and get to the surface as you air is running out. Finally, there is the luminescent orange that is under 50 bar, this is almost on empty and as a diver, we should never be on this colour and still in the water. With these colour coded areas, you are able to have a quick glance at the console and be confident on where you are in the air consumption.


The Cressi pressure gauge has a chrome plated brass casing for durability and then a rubber boot for grip when under the water which is shock resistant and extremely durable. It is a small compact yet modern looking gauge that is suitable to fit on to any brand regulators. There is also an attachment loop on the head of the gauge to allow you to clip on a retractor or BCD clip for streamlining. The rubber high pressure hose measures 75cm and comes with a 7/16" threaded attachment. 


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