Cressi Pro Star Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set

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Cressi Pro Star Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set
Cressi Matrix Dive Mask Cressi Snorkel Cressi Pro Star Fins
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Cressi Pro Star Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set Product Description


The Cressi Pro Star Mask/Snorkel and Fin Bag is the perfect set for someone who wants to get in to spearfishing or snorkelling and wants their own gear at a great price. This pack includes the Cressi Matrix mask, Gamma snorkel and Pro star fins all coming in a set in handy reusable mesh bag with a draw string opening. Purchasing you gear in a pre-packaged set is always more cost effective and takes out the confusion of which mask or fins to buy. Below is a break down of information of each of the items in this particular pack. 


The Cressi Matrix dive mask is an adult size mask and it is made from 100% silicone which is extremely soft and comfortable to wear, especially for hours at any one time. The Matrix has been around for a very long time and is known for its amazing fit as it is an adult size and fits most standard faces. A very cool feature of this particular mask is the tear drop ltempered glass lens design and how they are fitted to the mask to maximize peripheral vision. The way it works is that the lenses have been placed at a very sharp angle where the frame of the mask sits extremely close to your cheeks where the top of the frame sits out from your forehead. This allows you to get maximum vision as the lower frame is sitting so close to your face that you can see more. The side buckles have a very easy push button adjuster to allow you to alter the tension on the strap with ease, even with thick bulky gloves on. Even though this mask is sold in the scuba diving area, it has a very low internal volume which is a great feature to have when spearfishing, so grab a black mask and use it for both diving and freediving. 


The Cressi Gamma Snorkel is a streamline and compact design that is made from 100% silicone for a comfortable mouth piece. The splash guard on the top prevents water from entering the snorkel when on top the surface and the purge valve allows you to blow out any excess water when diving down. It is a flexible design to prevent jaw fatigue and the adjustable side clip allows you to get the best possible fit to your mask. There is a easy to use snorkel keeper that is slide up and down to give you the best possible fit when connected to your mask. 


The Cressi Pro Star Fins are a great all rounder fin that can be used for snorkelling, freediving or spearfishing. Longer than the average snorkelling fin yet shorter than a spearfishing fin will allow you to get the best out of the fin if you are wanting to do a mixture of sports. They are a full foot fin which means they are to fit perfectly and there is no adjustment which is a very popular style for many people. This measn that when you take a break from swimming and put your feet on the ground, your heel will not be exposed to any cuts of abrasions. A very cool feature of the Pro star fins is that the foot pocket is on the bottom of the blade which gives your more surface on the top giving you more power and thrust with every kick in the water. This is due to the blade starts right at the top of your foot rather than the average fin starting at the end of your toes. This means you have more surface space to maximize the amount of water that you can push when kicking and the more water you can push, the fast you go. They are designed to be worn bare foot, however they can also be worn with a neoprene sock which we highly reccommend. There are a few reasons for why we reckon you should grab a sock. First is to prevent any rubbing or blisters that could possibly occur on the back of your heel or on your toes. Second is for warmth as after being in the water for a couple of hours you can start to get cold, its inevitable, and the neoprene socks will prevent this so you can enjoy your diving for longer. Last but not least is for protection, when walking from your car to the water entry point, many divers go off of rocks and to walk over these bare foot can be dangerous. A neoprene sock with grip will prevent you from slipping or getting cut. You can grab a 1.5mm or a 3mm sock.


Product Features


  • 100% Silicone mask and snorkel
  • Tempered glass
  • Twin style lens
  • Sleek Black Design
  • Easy to Adjust Buckles
  • Silicone Strap
  • Low Volume
  • Purge Valve on snorkel
  • Semi-dry top snorkel
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Full foot fins
  • Comfortable Reverse foot pocket
  • Extra blade Surface
  • Medium/Hard Strength Blade
  • Longer Style Blade
  • Top quality
  • Perfect for snorkeling or spearfishing




  • Mask and snorkel - Black
  • Fins - Black




  • Skirt - Silicone
  • Frame and Buckles - Plastic
  • Lens - Tempered Glass
  • Fin Foot Pocket - Rubber
  • Fin Blade - Plastic




  • 37-38 (US 5.5-6.5)
  • 39-40 (US 7 - 8)
  • 41-42 (US 8.5 - 9.5)
  • 43-44 (US 10 - 11)
  • 45-46 (US 11.5 - 12.5)




Care Instructions


  • Rinse everything in fresh water after every use
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in the direct sunlight
  • Store away in a dry and safe place










   Cressi Mohawk Speargun                                          Cressi Spider Glove






Which snorkel set is best for me?


The best snorkel set is the one that the mask fits the best. Place the mask on you face, gently breathe in and you do not want any air to come through as if air comes in, then water will. 


How do I equalize?


As soon as you head underwater, you want to pinch your nose and blow out to pop your ears. This is called equalizing and will prevent any uncomfotable feeling within your ears. Keep doing this all the way down until you reach you max depth. Always remember to release you breathe slowly when re-surfacing. Do not hold you breathe when coming up from a depth as your lungs expand and the air needs to be released.


What is the best brand?


There isnt any brand that is better than another. Here at Dive Warehouse they are all made with the same materials it is the fit that changes between styles and brands.


How do I stop the mask from fogging up?


Check out our how to prevent a mask from fogging blog. 


How should my fins fit?


The snorkel fins should fit as snug as possible whilst still being comfortable. The tighter they are, the better as if there is movement then they will move and cause blisters. 


Is there a left and a right foot?


No, all of the snorkelling fins are universal to both feet.


How do I clean the gear?


After every use, give the snorkel set a througher clean in fresh water to remove all salt, sand or chlorine. The better the clean, the longer the set will last.


How to use the mask and snorkel?


Connect the snorkel to the mask strap using the plastic clip on the snorkel, this will keep the snorkel from falling away. Place the mask on your face and adjust the strap over your head so it fits comfortably. Make sure there is no hair in the seal of the mask as this will create leakage. Once your mask is on and comfortable, place the snorkel in your mouth and get snorkelling. Have fun!


What is the warranty?


Cressi offer a 2 year warranty on manufacturing faulty. The item will need to be sent back for assessment with proof or purchase. 

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