Cressi Pressure Air Gauge

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Cressi Pressure Air Gauge
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Product Description 




The Cressi Pressure Air Gauge is a simple yet necessary item that you will need when diving as it lets you know how much air you have in your tank at any given time. A great feature of this particular gauge is the colour coded areas which helps you easily and instantly know where you are with air consumption. The Blue zone is from 350 bar to 200 bar which tells you that you have plenty of air. Green is 200 bar to 100 bar which tells you that you are starting to get low and finally Red is 100 bar to 50 and if you are on red, this means that it is time to get organized and get to the surface as you air is running out. Finally, there is the luminescent orange that is under 50 bar, this is almost on empty and as a diver, we should never be on this colour and still in the water. With these colour coded areas, you are able to have a quick glance at the console and be confident on where you are in the air consumption.


The Cressi pressure gauge has a chrome plated brass casing for durability and then a rubber boot for grip when under the water which is shock resistant and extremely durable. It is a small compact yet modern looking gauge that is suitable to fit on to any brand regulators. There is also an attachment loop on the head of the gauge to allow you to clip on a retractor or BCD clip for streamlining. The rubber high pressure hose measures 75cm and comes with a 7/16" threaded attachment. 


Product Features


  • Colour coded dial
  • Reads in BAR 0 to 350
  • Durable rubber boot
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Chrome coated brass case
  • Shock resistant
  • Easy to read face
  • 75cm rubber hose
  • Attachment loop at top of gauge
  • High pressure hose fitting




  • Black




  • 75cm Hose


Care Instructions


  • Wash thoroughly after every use
  • Do not leave in sun
  • Have serviced every year
  • Only attach to a high pressure port on 1st regulator
  • Have checked every year by a dive service technician







 Cressi T10-SC Master Cromo Reg              Cressi compact Octopus






Is it in PSI or BAR?


 - The Cressi Pressure Air Gauge is shown in BAR from 0 to 360.


Will I be able to see it when night diving?


 - The Cressi Pressure Air Gauge has a glow in the dark face so will be able to be seen day and night without a torch. 


Do I have to use it with other Cressi products?


 - Most divers like to keep all of their gear within the same brand; however they are all interchangeable with the same threads so you can put different brands together.


What is the warranty?


 - The Cressi warranty is two years on any manufacturing fault. If you need to make a claim, the product will need to be assessed by Cressi before a decision is made.


What do you get in the box when you purchase this computer?


 - The Cressi Pressure Air Gauge comes with the gauge and an instruction booklet.

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