Cressi Leonardo Console 3 Computer

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Cressi Leonardo Console 3 Computer
Cressi Leonardo Console 3 Cressi Leonardo Console 3 Back Cressi Leonardo Console 3 SPG BAR Protective Case Included
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Product Description 




The Cressi Leonardo Console 3 Dive Computer is a three part console that contains the Leonardo computer which sits on the bottom of one side and above sits your compass. Flip the console over, you will find your SPG air gauge shown in BAR. It is a fantastic affordable dive computer with a large display and easy to read digits perfect for those who need a little extra help with vision. It is a one button controlled computer that gives you all the information that you will need including depths, times, temperatures, accent rates and safety stops, not to mention that it is nitrox compatible from 21% to 50%. Being very user friendly, the Leonardo is a popular pick, especially for the recreational divers who do not want too many bells and whistles which can get confusing sometimes. The durable case holds the high defination screen that also has a back light, perfect for night diving or low light days. 


A few other features include the deep stop function that allows you to set a depth that you do not want to exceed and the Leonardo will let you know once you have come to that depth. Very clever! Built in calendar, RGBM algorithim, clock and gauge mode. The battery can be changed by the user if needed without needing any tools, however it is recommended that you take it to a service tech where the watch will get pressure tested when the battery is changed. 


The Pressure Air Gauge is a simple yet necessary item that you will need when diving as it lets you know how much air you have in your tank at any given time. A great feature of this particular gauge is the color coded areas which helps you easily and instantly know where you are with air consumption. The blue zone is from 350 bar to 200 bar which tells you that you have plenty of air. Green is 200 bar to 100 bar which tells you that you are starting to get low and finally red is 100 bar to 50 and if you are on red, this means that it is time to get organized and get to the surface as you air is running out. Finally there is the luminescent orange that is under 50 bar, this is almost on empty and as a diver, we should never be on this colour and still in the water. With these colour coded areas, you are able to have a quick glance at the console and be confident on where you are in the air consumption. The rubber high pressure hose measures 75cm and comes with a 7/16" threaded attachment. 


The compass is polycarbonate scratch resistant with an easy to read face. Sitting at a slight angle allows for easy reading when finding your bearings. The face is a glow in the dark witch is perfect for nights or low light days. The bezel is divided into 10 degree sections and has a side scan window.


If you want to transfer your diving data over to your PC or Mac you will need to purchase the USB cable and download the appropiate software program to your chosen device. If you are using a PC, you will need to download the Windows software and if you have a Mac, you will need to get the Mac software. Once you have the downloads, you will be able to transfer your data over which will allow you log all of your diving without having to write them in a log book. 





Product Features


  • Nitrox compatible from 21% to 50%
  • Large eay to read digits
  • 1 button navigation
  • SPG air gauge
  • Glow in the dark compass
  • Colour coded display
  • Shown in BAR
  • Shock resistant
  • User friendly display
  • RGBM algorithim
  • Back light
  • 75 hour log book
  • Accent rate alarm
  • No deco time
  • Temperature
  • Depth
  • Safety stop
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • User replaceable battery
  • Fresh or salt water measurements
  • Battery Life: 2 years (50 diver per year)
  • Made in Italy




  • Width = mm
  • Height = mm
  • Depth = mm




  • Black




  • Adult - One size fits all


Battery Type


  • CR2430


Care Instructions


  • Make sure you give it a good rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Take care when changing the battery to keep water out and dust out
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in the direct sunlight
  • Store in a safe place


Majority of dive sights will now only allow you to dive with them if you are using a computer rather than a gauge. This is due to the fact that the tables are extremely conservative, so if you were diving on a gauge using your tables, you would generally have to surface a fair amount of time earlier than other divers who are using computers. Because of this, companys like everyone to be on the same level and surface all together.






 Cressi T10-SC Master Cromo Reg              Cressi compact Octopus






How long does the battery last?


 - The Cressi Leonardo will approximately last for a two year span with fifty dives per year depending on how often it is being used.


How do I change my battery?


 - With the Cressi Leonardo computer, you can change the battery yourself, however it is recommended that you have a servicing centre do it as they will pressure test the watch when the battery is changed.


What is the warranty?


 - The Cressi computer warranty is two years on any manufacturing fault. If you need to make a claim, the product will need to be assessed by Cressi before a decision is made.


What do you get in the box when you purchase this computer?


 - The Cressi Leonardo dive computer comes with a quide guide reference booklet and a C.D user manual.



Download and read the Cressi Leonardo instruction manual here



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