Choosing a Spearfishing Wetsuit

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Choosing a Spearfishing Wetsuit

What is a Spearfishing Wetsuit?


A spearfishing wetsuit is generally made from neoprene and is designed to keep you warm when in the water for long periods at a time. They come in many different variations including 1 piece and 2 piece as well as different colours including plain black through to all types of camoflage prints and colours. Wetsuits are of course designed to keep you warm, however when it comes to spearfishing and camoflage suits, these have another purpose. When hunting underwater the correct way to use a camo suit is to dive down to the bottom of the ocean where you will bleand in to the enviroment becoming almost invisable. Then you are able to get closer to your catch. 


What is a Freediving Wetsuit?


A Freediving wetsuit is also made from neoprene and are generally black in colour. These are designed to keep you warm but also give you a smooth skin to make gliding through the water with less effort and no drag. They come in 1 piece and 2 piece however the 2 piece suits are more common and warmer. The deeper you dive, the colder it gets so having a well fitted warm suit is important. When freediving you are on a breathe hold so you do not want to have drag as this will make you work harder, therefore using up the air that you need to keep hold of. 


In this article we are going to talk about wetsuits for spearfishing and freediving. There are a few different styles that you can get as well as colours and brands and we get asked alot about the differences so we wanted to give you the full rundown.




There are two styles to choose from when looking at a wetsuit for spearfishing that include a one piece and a two piece. With the two piece wetsuits you can get these with a hooded jacket and long john pants or a hooded jacket with high waisted pants. The two piece suits tend to be a little harder to get on and off and may need assistance depending on your flexibility. They generally come standard with hoods and tend to be warmer as the hoods prevent heat escaping from your head. If you choose a two piece with long john pants then you will be doubling up the thickness on your chest for extra warmth. The high waisted pants will not be as warm yet they are easy to get on and off. Both pant styles can be worn alone in the water when the temperature is warmer as can the jacket with a pair of board shorts and this will also give you sun protection.


The one piece suits have a zipper on the back and are easy to get on and off without needing the assistance of another diver. They are normally a 3mm in thickness and come in a varirty of colours including black or camoflage. They are a steamer style which means that they have long arms and long legs so keep you nice and warm through the colder months. If you are feeling the cold then grabbing the matching hood is a great idea, these are sold seperately. 


Pro's of a 1 Piece Wetsuit

  • Easy to get on and off
  • Perfect for summer diving


Pro's of a 2 Piece Wetsuit

  • Warmer than a 1 piece
  • Multi use with 2 seperate parts
  • Comes with a hood



Depending on where you are diving and what the water temperature is will generally determine the thickness that you want to go for. The suits start from a 2mm in thickness and go up to a 7mm. The 2mm is perfect for summer tropical diving, 3mm and 5mm are the most popular thicknesses are great for all year round diving here in southern QLD where our water temperatures are between 21° to 26°. The 7mm suits are more suited for colder waters down south in VIC and SA. Majority of our suits are between 2mm and 3.5mm as these are the most popular thicknesses for QLD. All of the 2 piece suits do comes with a hood that is the same thickness for the suit. 



The spearfishing suits come in different camo blend colours including greens, browns and blues and black also. The way that camo works no matter of the colour is by blending into the surrounding environment on the ocean floor. Diving down to the bottom and waiting for the fish to come by will allow you to use the camouflage to its best advantage to become invisible. Spearfishing is a hunting sport and when hunting, you have to wait. Some environments have more green weedy floors whilst some other are more brown and sandy floors and this is where the colour choice comes in to play. Choose the colour best suited to where you dive most. Black suits are popular to keep it simple, however these of course will not camouflage you in to the environment.





All of the wetsuits are made from neoprene on the outer layer however there are two dfferent types of inner materials to choose from and there include open cell and closed cell. Closed cell suits are the most popular and common style and you can tell these apart as the inside is a foam neoprene that slides on easily. The closed cells suits tend to be more durable and last longer. Open cell suits have an open neoprene inner where it is stretchy yet sticky. Imagine millions of tiny suction cups that all want to suction on your your bare skin as soon as they touch it. Due to this, an open cell wetsuit needs some type of lubricant to get it on and off otherwise the delicate inner material will tear easily if forced. Open cell suits are a little painful in regards to putting on however they are extremely warm and keep you diving for longer. They are stretchy and flexible which makes they super comfortable to wear.






Some of the brands that we keep here at Dive Warehouse include Mares, Cressi, Rob Allen, Ocean Hunter and Sal Vimar. If we do not have the thickness of colour that you want, make sure you ask one of our friendly staff and we may be able to order your perfect suit in for you.


Happy Hunting!


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