Choosing a Snorkelling Fin

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Choosing a Snorkelling Fin

Choosing a Snorkeling Fin


Hi everyone,

When searching for a snorkeling fin you may be a little overwhelmed with which one is right or which one should you get out of the many different styles that there are around. Today we will give you some helpful information to give you a better understanding of which fin is best for you.


The Foot Pocket:

There are two different styles of fins that you can choose from, these include an open heel or a closed heel foot pocket. Both styles of foot pockets in the snorkeling range  are designed to be worn with a bare foot or a neoprene sock as a rubber sole of a boot will not suit either.

An open heel pocket has an adjustable rubber strap that is held in place by plastic buckles. This style is great for kids and growing teenagers as the straps can grow with them for a few sizes. It's also great for families who want to share the fins around with members who have different sized feet. Adding a neoprene sock will help prevent any blisters or chaffing.

A closed heel is also called a full foot fin and is designed to be worn with your bare foot in the rubber foot pocket which is sized to suit your US shoe size. These are a fully enclosed heel that mean when you stand in them, the bottom of your feet are protected by the rubber pocket. Adding a neoprene sock will help prevent any blisters or chaffing also.


The Blade:

The blade style that we keep here at Dive Warehouse is a paddle blade and is by far the most common and easy to use. It is a one-piece blade that is strong and holds water when kicking to give maximum propulsion. A paddle blade can be used in strong currents without any issues of having enough power. There are different qualities of the plastic that is used with each blade but you will be able to tell with price. The more you spend, the better quality it will be and longer it will last.


The Length:

The length of the blade will vary from 30cm to 70cm. The shorter the blade, the less propulsion you will get, however this is not a bad thing when you are in calm waters and do not need to be travelling long distances. The shorter blades are also great for travelling as they are lighter in weight. The longer the blade, the more oomph you will get in the water so if you are in a current or wanting to travel further distances then the longer fin would be the way to go.


The Sizing:

Closed heel fins are generally sized by US or EU shoe sizing’s that go up in two’s. E.G, US 8-9, US10-11 and so on. These need to be fitted snug, as if they are too loose your feet will move and blisters will occur. The fin sizes are in a unisex sizing so women will need to take two sizes down approx. in the US sizing or simply stock to the EU size.

Open heel fins come in three sizes generally including Small/Medium, Medium/Large and Large/X-Large. They will also have the US and EU sizing’s on them to give you a good guide of which you will be.


The Brands:

The brands that we stock here at Dive Warehouse include Mares, Cressi and Oceanic. No brand is better than the other with quality, it all comes down to what you prefer with price, look and style.



Have fun!


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