Choosing a Scuba Diving Mask

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Choosing a Scuba Diving Mask

Choosing a Dive Mask


Hey everyone,


We understand that it can be a little overwhelming on purchasing a Scuba Diving mask for yourself as there are so many brands, styles and opinions out there and there isn’t one mask that suits everyone as each individual have different facial features, budget and preference on brand. We will give you a run down on the different styles and type of masks below to help you get a better understanding and hopefully help you choose you perfect dive mask.


The Fit:


Your mask is one of the most important items in your dive kit as this is what allows you to see all of the amazing life underwater so the fit is a very important thing to go for as this will make or break you experience. It doesn’t matter what brand or colour the mask is, if it doesn’t fit your face then it may as well be thrown away or given to someone else who it does fit. Water leaking in can not only ruin your experience with vision but it can also cause stress and that is the last thing you want. Make sure you try your masks on and choose wisely.


The Silicone Skirt:


All of the Scuba Diving masks that we have here at Dive Warehouse are made from 100% silicone. They come in clear or black options and it really is a preference to which you prefer. Clear silicone will open up your peripheral vision allowing more light in and in turn giving you more vision to see the underwater world. Black Silicone tunnels your vision and shade your eyes from the sun, however your peripherals will be non-existent.


The Lens:


All of the Dive masks are made from tempered glass, no matter the brand. The difference is the single lens to the twin lens. The single lens masks have one piece of glass what eliminates and frame between your eyes giving you les obstruction. The Twin lens style mask have 2 separate lenses that are held together by the frame.

If you are looking for a mask that is able to take prescription lenses then the twin lens masks are the way to go, however there are only certain masks that have the ability to do this.


The Frame:


There are 2 types of frame styles that we stock and include the plastic standard frame and the frameless style. The plastic is of course made from a top quality plastic that supports the lenses and skirt. The frameless style means that there is no plastic to it and the lens are held together by a thick silicone that acts as a frame. The frameless can be folded down to a fit pancake to be kept in your BCD pocket as a spare mask.


The Brands:


The brands that we keep here include, Cressi, Oceanic, Mares, Tusa, Hollis and Aqualung. None of these brands are better than another. They are all made with 100% silicone and tempered glass, the difference is purely fit. Try no get too carried away with brands, just go for the mask that fits you perfectly.


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