Choosing a Regulator

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Choosing a Regulator

Choosing a Regulator


Hi everyone,


Lets talk about regs! Regulators are the most important part of your dive kit as they are what keep you alive when underwater, it allows you to breathe and that’s necessary! We always say that if you are on a budget, that’s ok, however invest your money into your reg and go easy on the BCD or computer. The reg can determine how comfortable you are underwater and can really make or break your experience. This blog will talk you through a few different features to help you get a better idea of which style regulator is best suited.


1st stage:

The first stage is what attaches to the dive tank to regulate the high pressure air to an intermediate pressure for delivery to the low pressure second stage, Octopus and BCD inflator. Majority of 1st stages come with 2 x high pressure ports and 4 x low pressure ports. This can vary from each rand and style reg however that it the average. The 1st stage will determine how smooth or easy your breathe will be depending on the quality.


2nd Stage:

With the 2nd stage regulator, these can come in variety of materials with different features. Plastic, Metal or Carbon are the 3 more common materials. Plastic is the cheapest yet does the job and keeps the budget down. Metal one create a little condensation so put a bit of moisture back in to the air and the carbon ones are beautifully light weight and take any pressure off your neck. Some of the features that you will seen on the 2nd stage are an oversized purge button, adjustable breathing control and dive-predive deflector. The adjustable breathing is a knob that is generally situated on the side of the regulator and you can turn this to adjust the breathing effort. The dive-predive deflector is generally a plastic switch that sits on top of the regulator just in front of the mouthpiece. This can be moved from side to side to allow more or less air flow in to your mouth. Deflecting the air is popular of “air hogs” who suck a lot of air on a dive as this will prevent as much air entering you the mouth, saving on air and prolonging the dive. Winning!



When it comes to hoses there are types including rubber and braided. The rubber hoses are the original style that are of course made of rubber. The newest style is braided and these are more durable, flexible and last longer than the rubber ones. More expensive yet totally worth it.



The brands that we offer here at Dive Warehouse include Mares, Cressi, Oceanic, Hollis, Zeagle and Aqua Lung. Any questions, feel free to ask any of our friendly staff.


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