Choosing a Reef Walker

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Choosing a Reef Walker

What is a Reef Shoe?


A Reef shoe or Aqua shoe as some call them is a neoprene shoe with a rubber sole that is designed to be worn in the water. Whether it be aqua aerobics, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding or simply strolling down the beach, the reef shoe will be ideal.

Why wear one? - When heading off on holiday on a cruise or up to the barrier reef, a reef shoe will always come in handy as they give protection which is a must when it comes to shelly beaches, coral and rays that bury themselves in the sand where your walking but don’t see. Coral can give terrible infections when cut by it and some fish are poisonous if stood on so grabbing yourself a pair of water shoes is a great investment. There are a few different styles that we carry here at Dive Warehouse that slightly vary in shape and durability.  


The Sole – The soles can vary with how thick they are and how much grip it will provide. The thicker the sole the more durable it will be and less likely that you will feel any sharp objects if stood on. If you are looking for grip as you may be climbing down rocks, then looking for a ribbed sole will be more suitable which these give the maximum grip. If grip isn’t something that is important, then a flatter surface sole will work.


How it does up – Some of the reef shoes have elastic ankles, some with toggles, some with laces and others with Velcro. Depending on how secure you want your shoe will determine which one is best suited. Some people have less flexibility so a laced-up shoe will be the way to go as it can be undone more so than others to help with getting your foot in.



How should they fit? - A reef shoe should fit nice and snug. When you get in the water your body compresses and everything loosens so having your reef walker tight on land is ideal. If your shoe is too big, you foot will move around and blisters will occur.


What are the sizes like? - The sizes are a Unisex sizing which basically means mens US. Men will grab there standard size and ladies will need to take approx 2 sizes smaller, for example if you are a ladies US8, a US6 should be the correct fit.  



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