Choosing a Freediving or Spearfishing Fin

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Choosing a Freediving or Spearfishing Fin

Choosing spearfishing or freediving fins


Hi everyone,


Spearfishing or freediving fins are one of those items that can increase your diving depth, times and breath hold. Many divers start out with snorkelling fins which is a great place to start however if you have decided to get into it and take the next step to increase your skill level then getting a pair of freediving fins is a must. In this blog we will talk about the differences and give you some information to help guide you towards the pair that’s best suited.




There are 3 main types of different blade materials that you can choose from. The most common and best value for money are plastic blades. These are the standard type and most divers will have them due to the price and availability. They come in many different brands, shapes and strengths; however, a medium strength is the most commonly found.  Next is fibreglass blades and these are a little more expensive yet totally worth it. They are generally made up from multiple of fibreglass layers to create the perfect strength blade. These are a high performing blade that you would find more advanced divers using. You get more efficient power with less effort as they are light weight yet give plenty of thrust without using too much leg power. Last but not least are the Carbon blades and these are amazing. The most expensive out of the 3 types yet absolutely worth every penny in many diver opinions. They give instantaneous power from your first kick movement, give more power then the other types whist using less effort. They are more fragile than plastic or fibreglass yet the high performing blade will work more for you and increase your depth and times immensely.  Most divers will start out with a plastic blade then jump up to either the fibreglass or straight to the carbon depending on funds of course.





When you look at a spearfishing fin, they can look a little overwhelming as they are the longest of fins of the market. They generally range from 80cm to 1m from the back of the foot pocket to the end of the blade. As the size of each fins gets bigger, the blade will add a little more length. The length of the fins allows you to get maximum propulsion when diving down to give you more chance of getting to your required depth.




The sizing of each fin and brand will vary so it is best to try these on. The best way to wear any of the fins are with neoprene socks. We carry 1.5mm and 3mm in store so depending on if you are trying to fill out a foot pocket or going for warmth will determine which thickness sock will be best for you. If you aim for the Euro sizing then that would be the best guide for fitting if you are unable to try.


Foot pockets - Material and Replaceable:


The foot pockets are generally made from a pliable rubber that are designed to be worn with a bare foot however wearing a neoprene sock can help with blisters. Different brands foot pockets will vary in style yet all do the same thing with holding the blade in place. Now there are some styles that have replaceable foot pockets that allow you to switch out the blades from plastic to carbon or fibreglass. These give you more variety and the option to upgrade the blade if you choose to.




Here at Dive Warehouse we carry brands such as Rob Allen, Cressi, Ocean Hunter, Mares, Sal Vimar and Penetrator. With regarding the brands, there is no one that is better than the other, just go for your price point that suits your budget, what you like the look of or which material you want.


Happy Diving!


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