Choosing a Dive Torch

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Choosing a Dive Torch

What is a Dive Torch?


A scuba diving torch is an underwater torch that is generally rated to 100m or more and is perfect for divers and snorkelers. They come in a wide range of sizes, brightness and styles that suits each and every divers needs. When scuba diving, a torch is recommended to be kept in the BCD pocket for those cloudy days or to have a look under rocky outcrops when the visibility is not great. If doing a night dive, 2 torches will be necessary including a primary and a secondary.



The Types:


There are 2 main types of torch’s and these include a primary and a secondary. The secondary torch is the small of the 2 and is what you would keep in your pocket on every dive. These are a small hand held that can measure approx. 15cm and have lower lumens giving enough light of a cloudy day. The primary torch is the large and is much more powerful with more lumens giving out a lot of light. These are what you would use on a night dive to light up the ocean bottom to help you navigate through the night. The primary torches can measure approx. 20cm and are wider yet still comfortable to hold.  On a night dive, you really should have both torches’ just in case the primary fails, you can finish you dive on the secondary.



The Lumens:


The number of lumens determines the brightness so the more lumens, the brighter the torch will be. All of the torch’s that we carry here at Dive Warehouse are LED’s which are a white light that shines through particles rather than a halogen light that is a yellow light that reflects on particles in the water. LED’s are more common and give a clearer view in darkness. Halogen lights are less common and do not give off as much light as the LED’s.



The Light Beam:

There are different types of light beams that you can get when looking at a dive torch including a spot light, a wide angle, Emergency and a red light. Some torches come with all 3 types that can be changed via the on/off switch where others come with only one type of beam. A spot light beam is a narrow beam that is perfect for seeing further distances and deep in caverns or caves. The wide-angle beam projects light in a wider degree to light up more of your surroundings. This beam is the most popular and is perfect for night diving. The emergency is exactly what it is called, its for emergency situations where the light flickers a SOS type that attracts attention.



The Burn Time:


The burn time of each torch will vary depending on the battery size and the brightness. Some dive torches have multiple brightness levels which you can change with easy. Let’s say it’s a cloudy day and you need just a small amount of light; you can turn on your torch on the lower brightness to give that little extra light. On a night dive, you will need the brightest setting to give enough light to see everything. Now depending on which setting will determine the burn time. The lower setting will not eat up as much battery so you will get more burn time where the brightest setting will eat up more battery and give you less burn time.  Keep in mind that not all torches have these settings, some just have a single beam and single setting.




The Charge Time:


The charge time will vary from each torch and how you charge it. If your torch is rechargeable, most of the time you can charge it via a wall fitting or via USB. A wall fitting will charge quicker whilst the USB will take longer. Something else to consider is the size of the torch that is charging as smaller torches with less lumens will charge quicker than a larger torch with more lumens.



The Battery:


Some dive torches come with the standard batteries including AA or AAA whilst others have rechargeable batteries. Majority of the torches come with rechargeable and these are better for the environment and your pocket as you will not have to replace batteries every couple of months. The rechargeable batteries are easily charges using a wall fixture of USB port.




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