Choosing Swimming Goggles

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Choosing Swimming Goggles

Choosing Swimming Goggles


Hi everyone,

So you have decided to start swimming….awesome! Swimming is so good for you, there is no impact on your joints yet you are getting a full body work out. No matter if you are doing it for weight loss, general fitness or squad training, you will need a pair of goggles and this blog is here to help you out with the differences with all the goggles out there. There are many different brands and within those brands are hundreds of styles that can all look the same so it can be a little over whelming when trying to choose the right pair.


The Fit:

Swimming goggles all fit differently without really having a size per say. You can’t just go and pick up a small, medium or large goggle. Unfortunately the sizing doesn’t really exist other than putting it on your face and saying “yep that one fits”. As every single persons face is different, there has to be many different goggles to suit everyone. It's hard to pick a pair off a website and know that they will 100% fit, it's ideally a better idea to try them on in store to make sure you get the best possible fit. By fit, I mean you want both eye pieces to be suctioned to your face without the band holding them in place. The better the suction, the less chance they will leak. We all know that there is nothing more frustrating that a leaking goggle.


The Frame:

There are three different types of frames including an adjustable, a moulded and a mask style. The adjustable is exactly what it reads, adjustable. The nose piece can be changed to suit different nose bridge sizes. The moulded is where the nose piece is a single piece and can not be changed and the mask is a larger frame and these also have moulder nose pieces.

The frame also comes in a few different styles in regards to the size of the eye piece’s. First is the small “race” style frame that has minimal silicone and sits snuggly in your eye socket. These are advertised as a racing goggle as they are a streamline design however you can use these for recreational swimming if you choose. Next is the “mid-sized” frame that is larger than the racing goggles yet are not too big. These sit on the outer of your eye socket, generally over your brow and lower on your face. These are generally the most comfortable and popular style for recreational swimmers. Last but not least is the mask style that sits up on your fore head and over your cheeks, these are perfect for ocean swimming, triathlons or for those swimmers who hate the standard goggles. Super comfortable and once they are on, they suction into place and do not move!


The Lens:

There are five different type of lenses that you can choose from including clear, tinted, mirrored, polarised and transition. Depending on if you are swimming inside or outside, how sensitive your eyes are, or what you like the look of will determine which way to go. Clear is great for inside or ocean swimming, tinted for inside or outside on cloudy days. Mirror and polarised are both great for outdoor swimming with polarised being safer for your eyes. Transition goggles are the most expensive out of them all, yet are a fantastic idea for swimmers who go at all hours of the day both inside and out. Due to the transition lens, depending on the UV rays will determine if they are clear or tinted.


The Strap:

There are two types of straps available including a split yoke or a double strap. The double strap has two thin straps that wrap the back of your head which you place one higher and one lower. These are a more supportive strap that are great for swimmers who are diving in when racing as they are more secure. The split yoke is a comfortable style and more common with recreational swimmers. The single strap splits into two smaller straps that still give support and are easier to put on.


The Brands:

The brands that we keep here at Dive Warehouse are Speedo, Zoggs, Vorgee, Aqua Sphere and Eyeline. Within each brand are huge amounts of styles to choose from. They are all made from silicone with anti-fog on every style.


Happy Swimming!


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