Aqua Aerobics Pack

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Aqua Aerobics Pack
Aqua Glove Deep Water Running Belt Dumbells Aqua Shoe
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Aqua Aerobics Pack


The Aqua Aerobics Pack is the perfect kit to grab if you are wanting to get fit in the pool this season. Water aerobics is one of the best ways to work out as you get all the exercise without any impact of your bones or joints. Great for rehab or to prevent any injury. This kit contains the Eyeline aquagloves, Vorgee deep water running belt, Speedo dumbells and Tusa aqua shoes. 

The Eyeline aqua gloves are made for water aerobics. They are a webbed finger glove that you use in the water to create resistance to build muscle and tone up. A great way to work out especially if you do not like lifting weights. They strengthen and tone arms when used correctly in the water. There are many different types of exercises that can be done with the Eyeline aqua gloves and anyone can use them. 

The Vorgee deep water running belt is designed to be worn around the waist for buoyancy in the deep end of a pool. This way when you start running, you can not touch the bottom of the pool, therefore having no impact on knees, ankles and hips which is great when you have any problems with these areas. Designed for not only fitness but also rehab to strengthen joints when weak. When doing any type of rehab, the idea is to start of slow without putting any real amount of pressure on the body part that you are having issues with. After a while, this particular area will strengthen and you can work out harder. Water is the best place to do rehab as the water works as resistance, yet does not put too much pressure on you body. Deep water running is the most popular for of water fitness and rehab. The Vorgee deep water running belt is extremely popular with all ages as its a great fun workout when doing water aerobics. Available in two sizes, regular and large.



              LARGE      = 90KG TO 120KG

The Speedo aqua dumbells is a water aerobic product that is designed to tone and strengthen your upper body whilst not being harsh on your joints. They are made with a dense foam that gives resistance when in the water. Many people get confused with water aerobic products and think that you should use weights same as if you were on land. This is not correct and you should never take a weighted item in the water with you as it can be dangerous. Water uses resistance with floatation, and these Speedo dumbells are a perfect example. You use the floatation to push the dumbells down towards the floor, while they are trying to float and this is where you get the work out. There are many different ways to use these and are perfect for rehab patients that need to work out but can not use anything too harsh.

The Tusa reef shoe can be used for many different sports and activities. Aqua aerobics is one of them as the give you the grip that is needed when getting in and out of a slippery pool. Also they prevent and cuts or abrasions that can happen when your skin gets softer after being in the pool for a while. Get your use out of them and use them for your holidays,walking along the beach or ever when your doing the gardening.


Note: These reef walkers are a mens US shoe size so females need to take two sizes smaller.

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