Advice on Water Aerobics

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Advice on Water Aerobics

Advice on Aqua Aerobics Equipment


Hi everyone,

Aqua Aerobics has quite often been on the back burner with majority of people thinking that it’s only done by the elderly for social aspects.  Although it is a great way to socialize, it is also so incredibly good for you, which is why more and more people are starting to jump in. There are some customers who have dropped kg’s by simply getting in the pool a couple of times a week.

Getting in the water does miracles for your body and mind. The weightlessness takes all of the pressure off your bones and joints allowing you to get a wicked workout in with out having any impact on your body. Perfect for weight loss, rehabilitation or simply just getting fit.

This blog is going to give you a run down on a few of the items that are flying out the door used specifically for aqua aerobics.


Deep Water Running Belt:

The aqua belt or deep water running belt is a crowd favorite and with good reasons. This simply yet effective piece of foam wraps around your waist and is fixed by an adjustable webbing belt. When in the deep end of the pool, deep enough that you cannot feel the bottom, the belt will hold you afloat allowing you to run on the spot. This means that you are getting all the exercise as you would running a couple of k’s yet you are having no impact on your body at all. Amazing!


Water Dumbells:

Many people think of weights when they hear “water dumbells”,  however these work the opposite way actually. They are large dense foam bells that you use in the water to give floatation. The more floatation the better the workout you will get. The way that you get the exercise is by having to push down against the flotation resistance; building muscle as you go. It may sound easy but you would be surprised how much of a workout this is.


Ankle and Wrist Weights:

These weights work the same as the dumbbell’s as they too are a dense foam with a canvas cover. They are strapped to your wrists or ankles using a velcro closure to give flotation to your chosen area. Using strength, you will need to push them below the water to give the resistance and get your workout.


Webbed Gloves:

The webbed gloves are a neoprene glove with webbed fingers that create resistance when being used. Try holding your arms out straight to the side whilst in the water; now bring them together with straight arms until your hands are together like a clap. Now back out to the side and in again. The webbing creates the resistant in the water giving you a subtle yet effective workout. There are many different types of exercises that you can do with the webbed gloves.


Whether you are looking to lose a little or a lot of weight, wanting to get fit, needing to rehab a certain body part or simply want to socialize, try heading down the local pool with one or all of the above items and give it a go. Chances are you will love it!


Happy health!


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