Rob Allen Ultra Flex 5mm Wetsuit

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Rob Allen Ultra Flex 5mm Wetsuit
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Rob Allen Ultra Flex 5mm Wetsuit


The Rob Allen Ultra Flex 5mm Wetsuit is a 2 piece spearfishing wetsuit that comes with long johns and a hooded jacket. It is specifically designed for spearfishing due to the fact that the suit is a green/brown camouflage with helps to blend you in to the underwater environment. Rather than you wearing all black and standing out as a large silhouette, the camo will help you get closer to your prey as they will not be so intimidated.  The set consists of a long john and a jacket. With this 2 piece design it allows the diver to take off the jacket in warmer water to use the long john by itself then put the jacket on in colder water. Because each piece is a 5mm neoprene, when the set is worn together you have 10mm on your chest. This is why this particular suit is great for winter diving. The outer material is made from Rob Allen UltraFlex and the inner material is open cell which is glued and blind stitched. Open cell inner is the most commonly used by spearfishermen and freedivers, the open cell rubber forms a suction effect against the skin which stops water from getting in, allowing you to stay warmer for longer. Due to the fact that when spearfishing or freediving you could be in the water up to 7 hours in a session, this suit is a perfect pick. The wetsuit includes a 3mm non slip loading pad for chest loading spearguns and padded knees and elbow pads for protection.


After every use, you will need to clean your wetsuit to get rid of the sea salt and sand. If it is not cleaned correctly it will deteriorate and the zipper could seize up due to the sand. You can purchase wetsuit wash from us at Dive Warehouse which you mix with water and clean you wetsuit in. The sooner after your dive, then better. Try not leave it a few days before you get around to doing it. A great way is to fill the bath tub up when you get home from your dive, add the wetsuit wash and your wetsuit and give it a through clean. Hang on a wetsuit hanger to drip dry ready for your next dive.


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